Proposed Changes to the MAT


Dear parents,


I am writing to tell you about new plans for the future of Catholic education in the Nottingham Diocese.


The Bishop of Nottingham has decided that all schools in the Diocese of Nottingham will become part of one of four county based Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts (CMATs) from September 2018.


The aim of the plan is to enable all schools to provide excellent educational standards, within a strong and supportive network, and to ensure that the Catholic education system in the Diocese of Nottingham is protected and developed for future generations of children.


This means that we will be joining a Catholic MAT consisting of all the Nottingham Diocese Catholic schools in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and Rutland, a total of 16 schools of which 14 are primary and 2 are secondary schools.


The new Catholic MAT we will be joining will therefore be larger than the one we are presently part of and therefore better able to deliver school to school support and through economies of scale be better able to deliver services to the schools in the CMAT.


This is good news for us and the Diocese of Nottingham as it will enable high quality teaching to continue and flourish so that your child receives the best education possible.


Throughout this period, as always, your children remain our absolute priority and these proposals will serve to ensure that they will continue to receive the very best educational opportunities and life-fulfilling experiences, within communities which have the teachings of Christ and his Church at the very centre.


Headteachers and governors have been briefed about these arrangements and are already mapping out how we can work more closely together with other schools in our new Catholic MAT. 


We are excited about this next stage in our journey and we thank you for your continued support. We ask also for your prayers as we work together to make this plan a reality.


Yours sincerely,


Catherine McHale


Mrs McHale