Pupil Premium Information  2016-17

The government provide additional funds to all maintained schools under the Pupil Premium grant. All schools are required by the Department for Education to publish the amount of money they receive and detail how they intend to use this allocation over the current academic year. They also have to give details regarding how the previous year’s allocation was spent and the impact this had on raising standards at the school.


Funding for 2016-17

Estimated Pupil Premium Funding:  £105,290

Number of children : 99

% of children entitled to Pupil Premium Funding : 48.7%


The Pupil Premium for 2016-17 will include:

•             Children who on the January 2015 School Census are known to have been eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) in any of  the previous six years, as well as those first known to be eligible at January 2017. 

•             Children adopted from care.

•             Children of armed services personnel.


The fund is designed to support schools in ‘narrowing the attainment gap’ this is because traditionally children from more disadvantaged households tend to do significantly less well at school when measured by statutory examinations.  The allocation will be directly spent on raising standards of attainment and accelerating progress for all pupils who require additional support/ intervention in order to achieve the high educational targets we have set and achieve good progress or better, over the course of their time spent at school from their identified base lines. This includes the Pupil Premium group of pupils. 


We have facilitated an additional education programme for each child identified as requiring intervention. This has required significant additional staffing on top of our normal teaching compliment. We have employed several highly qualified and experienced teachers to deliver targeted ‘in-class’ small group interventions for reading, writing and maths and as well as small group and 1:1 support.  


Our Nurture team also work carefully to help alleviating problems outside school support so that children feel safe and able to access their education.  They also support children and families in improving punctuality and attendance.


Pupil Premium money has also been directed towards supporting an additional extra -curricular enrichment programme on top of the normal activities. The programme was designed to build self -esteem, confidence, health and fitness as well as support emotional well -being. All FSM children have been entitled to breakfast and after school clubs free of charge and well as many educational visits, either at a greatly reduced cost or free of charge.  These have supported the academic work done in school. We have also invested in ICT to encourage independence and engagement in learning. There is a strong link between these enrichment programmes and pupil attitude, attainment and attendance, which all impacts positively on raising standards and narrowing the gap. 


As well as continuing to invest in additional teaching support and enrichment activities, we also intend using the funding in the following ways:-


  • Continuing to employ a Play Therapist through Fortis Therapy, using a ‘family’ approach to support parents and work in partnership to alleviate problems and keep children engaged in their learning.
  • Ensuring that each class, each half term has the opportunity to go on trips and activities in order to provide life experiences linked to their learning.  These will be provided free of charge or at a greatly reduced cost.
  • Employing an Attendance specialist to improve punctuality and attendance.