Pupil Premium Spending 2016-17


Estimated Pupil Premium Funding: £105,290

Number of children : 99      

% of children entitled to Pupil Premium Funding : 48.7%

Desired outcome Chosen action / approach What is the evidence and rationale for this choice? How will you ensure it is implemented well? Staff lead

When will you review implementation?

Closing the gap between ‘Disadvantaged’ and ‘Other’ pupils in all year groups. Additional Teacher to support Quality First Teaching in class with targeted support questioning and feedback
Additional training for teachers on effective use of TAs in the classroom
Additional TA support on interventions
0.6 fte £23,000
EEF TA recommendations
+1 month additional progress on average for TAs
SENDCo and HT to monitor delivery.
· Reading support and Spelling support
· SATs year groups extra support
July 2017
Closing the gap between ‘Disadvantaged’ and ‘Other’ pupils in all year groups. SENDCo time
£3270 pro rata
Close monitoring of PP children who are not making progress and who have additional needs, SENDCo and HT to monitor delivery. SENDCo
July 2017
For all pupils to be safe and able to access their education. Safeguarding Team (Safeguarding officer/ Nurture/ Learning Mentor) to support parents and children
Play Therapist (0.3) fte
49% PP pupils in school. High proportions have additional safeguarding or Nurture needs and support is offered in school to children and parents through the safe guarding team Safeguarding Team
Training to support the staff in their roles
HT Summer 2017
Improved attendance and behaviour so that learning can be accessed. Learning Mentor to work with targeted children (and families)
External EWO
In-school data strongly demonstrates the link between good attendance and improved behaviour on learning and attainment.
In school data shows the improvement in self-esteem and attitudes to learning
RJ accountable to HT for attendance and behaviour data (analysed half termly to identify children and targeted families).
Weekly meeting with EWO
RJ July 2017
Increased in reading for targeted pupils to foster a love of reading Teaching assistant time to deliver 1:1 reading support and challenge to targeted children.
Improvement to books offered in school
1fte £10,000
Improvements in reading have led to higher attainment across all areas of learning. HT and English lead will conduct 1:1 pupil voice with all children to establish whether or not there is an difference between PP and non PP children. HT July 2017
All underachieving pupils (especially PP pupils) are accurately identified so that their needs can be addressed. Educational Psychologist time
Those PP pupils who are underachieving effectively identified. Assessment Lead and HT to select the pupils to be assessed and monitor the work of the EP and TA. HT July 2017
Free breakfast club for PP pupils to ensure they are ready to access learning at the start of the school day Whole school fruit and toast each morning.

EEF report on Breakfast Clubs November 2016. RJ to monitor access and effect on children RJ July 2017
Improved experiences and access to out of school activities Contribution towards the cost of residential and non-residential educational visits for targeted eligible pupils. £12,000 Collaborative learning is described as having a +5 months impact on progress. HT to maintain a record of contributions to educational visits HT July 2017
Increased after-school provision Contribution to the cost after school club for eligible pupils
This approach provides further opportunities for eligible pupils to develop social and emotional skills JB lead to maintain a register of eligible pupils and the club(s) attended. JB July 2017
Total cost £106,450