What is the Impact of the Sports Premium Grant?

The impact of this funding has been:

  • An enhanced and inclusive sport provision which inspires and engages all pupils. 
  • Children have increased access to sport through lunch and after school clubs. The impact has been an increase in attendance with now 85% of children in KS2 attending lunch or after school clubs and 19% of these being the least active children. 
  • We have increased links with outside clubs in the local area which has lead to more children attending clubs outside of school. (Martial arts/ Grimsby Town).  Children have been picked to join the Clee Rugby Club/ Grimsby Town Under 11's Football Teams etc.
  • Children have a greater enjoyment of PE and place a higher value on sport and healthy lifestyles. (Pupil Voice/ PE Newsletters/ Sections in Assemblies)
  • As a result of more lunch time activities, behaviour has improved at lunchtimes  and within lesson times (See Data).
  • Sports leaders support dinner ladies in lunch time provision and have developed their leadership abilities. They are also responsible for sending out a PE/ Sports Newsletter every half term and have developed cross curricular learning to do so.
  • Improved pupil understanding of the importance of keeping fit and healthy and ways that they can improve their health and fitness. Healthy Week was a success - comments from pupils, parents and staff.
  • Premier Sport came in to support our target children - see data for evidence of improvement.
  • Opportunity to develop the competitive element of sports and the skills of sportsmanship.  Attendance to level 2 competitions has increased therefore more children able to compete. (Website/ facebook)Level 3 C4L competition attended by us - July 2017 (See Website/Facebook)
  • Children are more inspired to work hard in PE lessons.
  • Improved attitudes towards PE and improved behaviour and attendance. 
  • There has been Improved team work and attitude to competitions and sport. (pupil voice)
  • Increased opportunities for our pupils with sporting talents to compete with pupils with similar skills.  Children have mixed with other children from different schools and have learned the importance of applying yourself, not giving up and dealing with defeat.
  • Pupils who are fitter, healthier and are motivated to continue to improve. All of this has raised aspirations and self esteem.
  • Staff have a deeper knowledge of the curriculum so therefore are able to teach lesson more effectively which has meant that the quality of PE teaching has improved.
  • Children's attainment has improved and they are progressing well.
  • Children are going to G&T events. (5 boys from Y5 attended - see registers from C Dobbs)
  • The subject leader is more knowledgeable so then passes on that knowledge through organising competitions/ INSETs for staff. (OD come in to train up on gymnastics and Orienteering, attended all PE leader meetings with SSP and GR)
  • Silver Games Mark Award achieved in Summer 2017 which has encouraged the children to try harder in the pursuit of the gold award.. 
  • Improving staff professional learning to up-skill teachers as a result of specialist training by Owen Denovan through SSP. More confident and competent staff who will enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Increased opportunities for all of our pupils to access a wider variety of competitive and non-competitive PE and Sport. 
    • Athletics
    • Handball
    • Football
    • Dodgeball
    • Swimming
    • Basketball
    • Tag Rugby
    • Quad Kids
    • Cricket
    • Multi-sports

How will the Sports Premium be monitored?

  • The use of the Sports Premium Grant is monitored and reviewed by the SLT and

Governors at their termly meetings.

  • Observations of PE lessons to ensure quality teaching and learning is taking place.
  • Pupil voice
  • Staff questionnaires



Continued developments in PE opportunities at Saint Mary’s:


  • Links and support from the Schools Sports Partnership.
  • Provide a wide range of competition opportunities, e.g. indoor athletics

competition, cross-country competition, multi-skills festivals, tag-rugby


  • Provide Gifted and Talented events for children.
  • Provide relevant CPD opportunities.
  • Provide training and specialist coaches to encourage those children who do not

participate in after school sports clubs to develop an interest in PE and sport.

  • Provide a range of clubs run by qualified teachers or coaches.
  • To develop the planning and assessment tool to ensure progression and link to

lesson plan ideas to enhance and support learning.