As part of our RE topic ‘Welcome’.  The children looked at welcoming people into church through a Christening.  They looked at the special clothes worn.

God's Love

Nursery children spent time thinking about God's love for everyone.

Focus Area

At the start of each RE lesson, the children set up a focus area.  They talk about the different objects and what they represent.

Hot Cross Buns

In RE , Nursery children looked at the importance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The children said why the cross was important.  They then looked at the symbol of the cross on a hot cross bun.  The children then tasted the hot cross buns.  They were yummy!

Holy Spirit

In RE today, Nursery children have been talking about how the Holy Spirit came like ‘a wind’. The children drew pictures of Jesus on kites and they then had great fun seeing if they could fly them.