Year 1 enjoyed their first RE lesson. Our topic is called ‘families’ and we have been talking about how our families show us love and care. The children have been drawing pictures of their families, making family collages and have enjoyed role playing family life.

'Let the Little Ones Come to Me'

Year 1 talked about the story "let the little ones come to me".   The children enjoyed painting pictures of themselves and some children painted Jesus. When all the paintings are dry we are going to add all of the paintings together to recreate the scene "Let the little ones come to me". 

Journey in Love

Year 1 have been talking about being part of a family and how we meet Gods love in our family. We have been sharing our baby photographs, finding out how much we weighed when we were born and when we first walked and talked. We have been comparing how we have changed from when we were babies to who we are today.

Visit to the Sikh Temple

As part of other faiths week Year 1 and Year 2 have had the pleasure of visiting Grimsby’s Sikh temple. We listened to a talk about the Gurus and how Sikhs worship their God.