The children, in year 3, read the letter from Paul to a Christian family in Rome which advised them how to live in preparation for the arrival of Jesus. We discussed this as a group and then came up with ways in which we could prepare in present day.

The children made their hand prints and wrote on them the different ways in which they could show love to a neighbour this Advent. We then made them into a wreath to welcome in visitors into our classroom.

Class Act of Worship

Every Tuesday morning during morning activity, a small group for year 3 independently create a class liturgy. We then come together as a class to worship. They choose their own hymns, gather, word, response and mission. 


Today we looked at what happens during the liturgy of the word and the preparation of the gifts during the mass. We hadn't noticed some of it before! We will be looking much more closely during our next mass to see if we can spot them! We acted out the Mass and tried our hardest to remember the different responses and when to stand and sit. 

House Saints

We researched our the Saints that represent our school houses. We now understand why these people were so important and how they lived in God's way.