Year two joined together this week for a class act of worship. The children did a fabulous job of planning and leading the liturgy; they chose the music (You have a friend in me), the bible story (The good Samaritan), the prayer and the response. We were lucky enough to gather together in our very own chapel which made the occasion much more special. Our mission for this week is to be the best friend that we can be by always being kind and helpful.

Spread the Word

In year 2 we have started a new RE topic called ‘Spread the Word’. To begin the topic we discussed what good news is and how and why we spread it. We then walked around the school looking for signs of new beginnings and how we share good news. These are some of the things we found.

Class Act of Worship – Sharing with others and caring for other

The Year 2 children planned and lead a liturgy that talked about the importance of helping others and taking care of those less fortunate than ourselves. The children read aloud beautifully and all took turns to create and share their own prayer.

God's Treasures

This week ( WB 25th June) in R.E, year 2 have been thinking about God’s treasures and how we can care for them. We explored the theme of treasures by designing and then making a treasure box before writing down what we treasure the most in the world and popping it inside. The children have made links to the story of Creation and show a good understanding of how we can help to take care of the earth and the treasures it holds.