Tuesday 5th December

Can I retell the message of Paul and make links to how I can live this out in my life?

Today the children read the letter from Paul to a Christian family in Rome which advised them how to live in preparation for the arrival of Jesus. We discussed this as a group and then came up with ways in which we could prepare in present day.

The children made their handprints and wrote on them the different ways in which they could show love to a neighbour this Advent. We then made them into a wreath to welcome in visitors into our classroom.

CAOW -  24/01/2018

24th January 2018

This week year 3 had the opportunity to worship in the chapel! A small group organised this. After singing gather together and saying the morning prayer we all listened to the word. We then reflected on this as we placed a pebble under the cross. Our mission this week has been to pick up litter and the playground has never looked tidier!