Today , 10/10/2017, Year 5 held a Class Act of Worship in their classroom, led by Italia, Bradley, Jack and Jakub.  The theme was based around Families and the children started by singing a hymn ‘God of Angel Armies’.  After they had said a prayer, the children were asked to pass a pebble around the circle and as they did so to remember that Jesus is always with us.  Then the children passed around a red rose.  As they did this, they had to think about someone they had lost and say a prayer for them.  Jack read a short reading from the bible (Genesis 1:26-31).  The children were given a mission for the week which was to treat others as they would want to be treated.  After finishing with the sign of the cross, the children sang ‘My Lighthouse’.

Christian Denominations Research


Today the children in Y5 took part in an RE lesson where they were using the ipads and QR codes to research a Christian Denomination such as: Quakers, Anglicans, Pentecostals and Baptists. The children created a fact file about these denominations and then used this to teach other groups what they had been researching.

Tidying Up - CAOW


Today Kiara, Daisy and Blake took responsibility for the Class Act of Worship. They decided to create the theme of littering and looking after the environment. The children sang song such as ‘Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson and the hymn ‘Go out in the world’. They read a reading from Genesis, reminding the children that God made the world for our benefit and how we should look after the creation around us. They then asked the children to write a thank you prayer on a piece of paper and put it into their ‘home made bin’ to reinforce the message of tidying up after ourselves. What a lovely idea!

CAOW - Good Samaritan


Today some of the girls in year 5 took part in a Class Act of Worship based on the theme of friendship. The children started off by singing the friends theme song 'I'll be there for you'. After this they listened to the story of the Good Samaritan and acted it out to make it more interesting for those watching. After that, the children took part in answering questions about the story, what it meant to them and how they could be more like the Good Samaritan. After that, the children said a silent prayer for the needs of others in the world. Their mission was to shake hands with the people around them and to be a good friend to everyone and sang my lighthouse together. What a lovely class act of worship that gave us a lot to think about!



CAOW 13/06/2018

On the 13/06/18, the children in year 5 have led Class Act of Worship. The children started celebrating with the song “True Colours”, sign of the cross and the Our Father. The children showed a short video of a dilemma about what’s more important money or life? The children gave thoughtful responses and then passed a marble around and each said a private individual prayer for someone that is important to them. Class mission: Although we are all different, we are all on family so play with all. The worship finished with “When you need a neighbour.”


The Children in year 5 celebrated CAOW on the 19/06/18. The children looked at the theme of Friendship. Their theme was linked throughout. The songs that were sung were, “You have got a friend in me” and “You can count on me“. The Bible story was the story of Jesus healing the lepers Luke 17: 11-19 and how great his friendship was to them and how only one was thankful. The children allowed the class to ask them questions about the video. The mission the class have this is to build stronger friendships with all in the class. They finished their worship with the Hail Mary.



Today the children in year 5 had a lovely Class Act of Worship prepared by Margarita, Kiva, Jenson and Tanya. The children based their worship on being thankful of God’s creation and about looking after the world around us. They started off with having the group in a circle on the floor and encouraged the children to make up the focus area. After that they told the story of creation from Genesis. They asked questions about what the scripture meant to them and how we should look after the Earth. After this, they gave out pebbles to the children and asked them to say a prayer to God thanking him or saying sorry for how we treat the Earth. After this they set us the mission to pick up any pieces of litter that we see on the floor.