Class Act of Worship

Today, in year 6 the children have visited the chapel to celebrate Class Act of Worship. This was led by Bobbi, Bradley and Joseph. The entrance hymn we sang was, ‘When I needed a neighbour.’ The reading was Romans 8: 38-39 sending the message about love. We all joined in with the Our Father and sang ‘Love shine a light’. Each member of our class was given a dove card in which a prayer of love was written on. When we returned to class we hung our doves onto our prayer tree. Our mission given to us was to love everybody the same.

R.E. Lesson

On 20/09/17, the children in year 6 have been continuing their work in RE. They have been discussing the letter of St Paul to Titus. In which he reflects on his wrong choices when he persecuted Christians as Saul and how having God love him unconditionally and change his ways. The children were looking at how they were like Saul and how they have then acted in a positive way like Paul. They have been looking at the question how did God’s love shape Paul.

Class Act of Worship

On 20/9/17, year 6 celebrated CAOW in the classroom. The children began with singing the song Gather Together. The class were given items to bring up to the focus area. These included marbles and pebbles, candles, a cross and statues. The children read the story of Jesus is baptized from the Bible Matthew 3:13-17. The second song was 10,000 Reasons. The mission was to show love to someone else


During Other Faiths week, Year 6 have been studying Judaism. Today, we learnt about Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year. At this time of year, sweet foods are eaten to represent a sweet forthcoming year. This morning, we baked challah bread and honey cake and this afternoon, we had a Rosh Hashanah feast with the cake, bread and apples dipped in honey. We made Rosh Hashanah cards as well. Shana Tovah!

C.A.O.W. 08/11/2017

Today 08/11/17, a small group of children in year 6 led Class Act of Worship. They began with the sign of the cross and asked a group of children to sit in a love heart to represent God’s love. They had written their own prayer asking God to watch over them in year 6 and when they go to PGL. The reading was from Exodus 33: 1-3 were Moses ask for God’s mercy and love. The song we sang was This Little Light of Mine. The children asked the class to each place a pebble in the bowl of water to symbolise cleansing of the sins and a fresh start. The mission was to go and help everyone not just our friends. The class evaluated and gave positive feedback on the symbolisation and teamwork. Well done!


Today, 1/11/17 in RE the children in year 6 looked at the service of an ordination of a priest. They learned that during the Gospel Prayer and Litany those that are being ordained they lay face down; this mirrors stories from the Bible and is called prostration. This symbolises unworthiness and humility. The next stage is the laying of hands which symbolises and formally invokes the Holy Spirit just as the Disciples did with new believers. This is followed by the priest making his promises just as parents and God parents do for their children during Baptism and finally they receive their vestments (stole and chasuble) Finally, the anointing of Oil of Chrism and is welcomed as a newly ordained priest.

R.E. 21/11/2017

Today on the 21/11/17, the children in year 6 began their RE lesson by listening to soothing music whilst having quiet reflection time. They read a number of quotes from the Bible and used the time to think about any puzzles or troubles on their mind; they then asked God for strength and help that they needed. Some of the children shared their favourite quotes with reasons. The rest of the lesson the children refreshed their ordination topic and planned and researched for their assessed task.

CAOW - Noah's Ark

Today 23/01/18, the children in year 6 started their RE lesson with CAOW. This was led by four members of the class; as the children have been learning about the Old Testament the children decided to pick a story from Genesis 6-9 Noah’s Ark. The children linked the worship throughout about promises and taking care of everything in God’s World. They sang the song If I were a Butterfly and added a quote to the RE board as part of this week’s class mission, “I can find God in nature, in animals, in birds and the environment’ P Buckley.

CAOW 06/02/2018

Today on the 06/02/18, the children in year 6 have written and participated in CAOW in the chapel. The children used our new RE topic of Unity. They looked at one of the letters from St Paul to the Corinthians were he writes about Unity. The children picked the song ‘Gather Together’ to link to the theme. The children gave everybody a piece of coloured card in which the children stapled together to make our Year 6 link chain; this has been placed around our focus table to visually remind us that we are all united.

R.E. 20/02/2018

Today 20/02/18, Year 6 have been looking at Jesus’ prayer for his friends based on John 17:11-12; 20-23. The prayer looks at unity and becoming one. During the lesson, the children worked in pairs to identify their favourite parts of the prayer. The children then wrote their own prayer on unity and making links to the Bible looking at how unity can shape our lives.


Today 06/03/18, the children in year 6 have celebrated CAOW in the chapel. As it is the Lenten season, the children have linked their worship to CAFOD. They told the parable of the Foolish Rich Man from Luke 13-21 32-34, they then made a hunger awareness activity that looked at the things we take for granted every day in comparison with someone who lives in a country like Mozambique. Example question: Have you eaten meat or fish today? Yes. But many people in poorer countries only eat grains and never eat meat or fish. The children finished the celebration with the song Harvest Samba and set the class the mission to keep raising money for CAFOD to help those in poorer countries and try not to waste things unnecessarily.T

R.E. Witness

On 23/05/18 the children in year 6 began their new RE topic called witness. The children looked at the question of what they would like to witness in life. The children listened to a story and discussed how witnessing things and experiencing things in life may take courage or make us worried. Children discussed the idea of witnessing and speaking out may result in certain repercussions.


Today on the 5th June, the children in year 6 participated in discussion of whether it was better not to be witness. The class were split into half and they had a debate using the ‘ruler ruler’. This meant if you were holding the ruler you were the only one allowed to speak and the children had to argue for or against this statement, going back and forth. The children gave lots of insightful and justified responses. They were enjoying it so much that they were absolutely devastated when the debate time had gone off. (Personally they could have kept debating all day!) The children went on to writing a retell of the story from Matthew 28: 16-20 as if they had witnessed the resurrection and mission Jesus had sent them and linked to other Bible stories. Some children showed a deeper knowledge of these phrases by showing how they are lived out in the world today.

Visit from Lim

On Monday the 25th June 2018, the children in year 6 were visited from Lim, a trainee priest who had helped year 6 and year 5 earlier in the year. The children have been looking at the first Martyr, St Stephen. In addition, they looked at the story of Lydia in Acts 16: 11-15. The children interviewed Lydia, a worshipper who lived during the time Christians were being persecuted. The children used links in their life and from Bible stories that showed how they put their faith above all else.