Rock Pets, Nursery 

22.02.18 The children have been creating their own rock pets. They have painted and decorated them in their own style.

Year 5 and 6 Art

In Art, Year 5 and 6 have been drawing pictures of the moon using chalks and pastels.  They first looked at different pictures to see what the surface of the moon looked like.  Then they had to draw pictures, adding structure and shade with chalks and pastels, to show the surface of the moon and how craters look on the moon.

Salt Dough Earth

Yesterday, 26th April, Year 4 created their very own salt dough Earth. They looked closely at each individual layer that makes up the Earth and then followed instructions carefully to make salt dough and dye it to the corresponding colour. The final layer was the Earth’s crust which the children created using little pieces of blue and green to represent the tectonic plates. They had lots of fun and we think the end results look fantastic!

Year 3 Art

Today, 30/04/18, the children in year 3 have started to make their new art project – a volcano. The children used empty bottles and attached them to their cardboard bases. They then covered and moulded their volcanoes looking at size and height. The children had to work together in order to ensure their volcanoes were secure; many hands make light work!