Music in P.E. Year 1- Interpretive Dance

In PE year 1 have been listening to different types of music and thinking about how the music makes us feel. We decided that slow pieces of music often make us feel sad and upbeat fast music makes us feel happy. We have been exploring different ways to move to different pieces of music to express if we are happy and sad.

Year 3 - Interpretive Dance

In year 3, we have been looking at interpretive dance. We have looked at how to move to the beat of music, how to interpret the mood, the different movements we can make and how we can travel. We then put all that we had learnt together and made a performance based on what we have learnt about Roman gladiators. Our performances were very impressive and we proved how well we can control our bodies. 

Year 5 WW2 - Dance


During PE, the children in year 5 are completing the topic of performance dance. In order to link to our class topic of WW2 the children began the lesson by watching a video of a ww2 dance – the swing, the jitterbug and the Charleston. The children then learnt some dance moves and put them together in a sequence. We will hopefully be showing these dancing routines off soon so watch this space!


Music - Year 6 January 2018

In music Year 6 have been working with a number of musical instruments: Tambourim,  surdo,  timba, gaza and agogo bells. Over the next few weeks will be using these, alternating our instruments so as we can all have the experience of using different instruments.

 Year 4 Music

In music, Year 4 have been looking at the song ‘Stop!’ which is an anti-bullying rap. We’ve spent a long time perfecting the chorus and 4 rap verses. This week we began to use glockenspiels along to the beat focusing on the notes C and D.



During our Ukulele lesson this week, the children learnt how to play a new chord. They learnt how to play the G7 chord which was quite tricky, as the children had 3 fingers on the Ukulele at one time. The children also learnt how to play “He’s got the whole world in his hands” so they had to learn how to change chords and sing at the same time! Keep going year 2!

Year 6 Music 12/03/2018

Today 12/03/18, the children in year 6 have been practicing two songs: Hip Hop and The Bear. The instruments that they are playing on include drums, tamborims, shakers and agogo bells. They have displayed excellent rhythm, timing and tempo. They work brilliantly with their fellow instruments to stay in sync and blend with the other groups to provide perfect synchronization.

Year 2 Ukelele Lessons

On Wednesday mornings, the children in year 2 join together for a music lesson. They are learning the parts of a ukulele, how to hold the ukulele, the sounds each string makes and how to play. The children enjoy learning to play this instrument with the help and guidance of their music teacher, Mrs Booth.

Year 6 Music 

Today in Music the children listened to the song Machine Head by Deep Purple. They noticed that there was a long guitar solo and found out that this was one of the first rock vocals. Some children liked it and others didn’t. After this the children started to learn to play Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi on the recorders. They looked at the notes G, F#, E, and D.

We then moved onto recapping our previous instrument, playing the glockenspiel, looking at the notes B, A and G.

Year 5 Music


The children in Y5 have been learning a new song in Music – the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! The children started off by listening to the song to decide what kind of music it was and what instruments were being used to then moving onto learning to rap the verses and playing in the instrumental parts.

Year 2 Ukulele

In the year 2 Ukulele lesson, we have been learning how to play 2 new songs on the ukulele.  We have learnt “Pease Pudding Hot” and “London’s Burning” which has been quite tricky as there are quite a few chord changes! The children all did very well as it was their first lesson with these songs!

Princess and the Pea

On Wednesday 23rd May, Reception class walked to Welholme Academy School and took part in a music workshop from the story of the Princess and the Pea. Over the last few weeks, the children learnt the songs in class, they made crowns to take with them and we joined children from other schools in supporting the music team to retell the story through drama and music. The children had a great time.

African Dance Workshop

Monday the 4th of June was a very exciting day for year 1 and 2. As an introduction to their new topic Africa; they took part in an African dance workshop. Year 3 and 4 got in on the act too, learning typical African dances from different parts of Africa. The children worked very hard to learn a dance routine which they all performed amazingly well in front of the whole school and parents. 

Recorders - Year 3

At the last music lesson Y3 children practiced before their recorder concert in July.  Mrs Booth was very impressed with the progress of all the children. 

Just Dance After School Club

Today, 25th June, at the Just Dance Club children had lots of fun dancing to their favourite songs “What did the Fox say?” and “Eye of the Tiger”. They also enjoyed some new songs “Baby Shark” and “Monkey Banana Dance”.