Music in P.E. Year 1- Interpretive Dance

In PE year 1 have been listening to different types of music and thinking about how the music makes us feel. We decided that slow pieces of music often make us feel sad and upbeat fast music makes us feel happy. We have been exploring different ways to move to different pieces of music to express if we are happy and sad.

Year 3 - Interpretive Dance

In year 3, we have been looking at interpretive dance. We have looked at how to move to the beat of music, how to interpret the mood, the different movements we can make and how we can travel. We then put all that we had learnt together and made a performance based on what we have learnt about Roman gladiators. Our performances were very impressive and we proved how well we can control our bodies. 

Year 5 WW2 - Dance


During PE, the children in year 5 are completing the topic of performance dance. In order to link to our class topic of WW2 the children began the lesson by watching a video of a ww2 dance – the swing, the jitterbug and the Charleston. The children then learnt some dance moves and put them together in a sequence. We will hopefully be showing these dancing routines off soon so watch this space!


Music - Year 6 January 2018

In music Year 6 have been working with a number of musical instruments: Tambourim,  surdo,  timba, gaza and agogo bells. Over the next few weeks will be using these, alternating our instruments so as we can all have the experience of using different instruments.