Athletics Year 5 and Year 6

On the 9th November 18 children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a Schools Games Mark Athletics competition at Grimsby Institute put on by the School Sports Partnership. The children were up against lots of different schools including: Elliston, Healing, Macaulay, Stallingborough, St James, St Josephs and Willows. The children were place in 2 events each and competed against others in these events. The children did the school proud with their exceptional behaviour and dedication, due to this the children came 5th out of 8 teams! Well done!

Athletics Year 3 and Year 4

On Tuesday 17th January some of our year 3 and  4 children went to Franklin College to compete in an Athletics competition with the School Sport Partnership. The children took part in Track and Field events which are listed below and all really tried their best in their performance.

Field Events:

Chest Push: Baylee, Kiara, Margarita, Daisy, Cole and Boyd.

Standing Long Jump: Lexi, Patricia, Joshua, Taylor, Margarita and Cole.

5 Strides: Patricia, Riley, Joshua, Jakub, Kiara and Margarita.

Vertical Jump: Lexi, Patricia, Baylee, Jakub, Kiara, Daisy and Boyd.

Soft Javelin: Lexi, Patricia, Baylee, Jakub, Taylor.

Speed bounce: Lexi, Riley, Joshua, Taylor, Kiara, Margarita.

Track events:

Obstacle Relay: Lexi, Joshua, Jakub, Taylor, Kiara, Margarita, Daisy, Boyd.

2x1 Relay: Lexi, Patricia, Margarita, Daisy, Cole, Boyd.

2x2 Lap Relay: Patricia, Jakub, Margarita, Cole.

1 lap hurdles relay: Baylee, Riley, Kiara, Daisy.

Over and under relay: Patricia, Baylee, Riley, Joshua, Taylor, Kiara, Margarita, Daisy.

4x1 Lap relay: Lexi, Baylee, Joshua, Jakub, Taylor, Kiara, Margarita, Daisy.


All of the children really tried their best within their events and were lucky enough to come 5th out of 8 teams. Well done to all of the other teams.

1st – Reynolds.

2nd – Cloverfields.

3rd – St James.

4th – Humberston.

5th – St Mary’s.

6th – Middlethorpe.

7th – Nunsthhorpe.

8th – St Joseph’s.