Football 6th December 2016

On the 6th of December a team of 8 boys took on a range of schools for the U11 EFL Kids Cup sponsored and run by Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust at Oasis Academy. The team: Bobbi (captain), Emanuel, Ibrahim, Ashdon, Kian, Charlie, Kewin (Goalkeeper) and Jakub; all showed amazing sportsmanship throughout their time at the tournament and were determined to show their footballing skills throughout. The team tried their best in all of their games; drawing in the first game and being beaten in the other games by 1 point! The boy’s sheer determination and team spirit willed them on and they had an amazing time competing and getting themselves out there which is what it is all about! Well done boys, onwards and upwards for the next competition!

Year 5/6 Football Competition 16/02/2017

On the 16th February the football team went to the Bradley Development Centre to compete in their 3rd football competition against schools such as: East Ravendale, Middlethorpe, Woodlands and Scartho. The first game was against East Ravendale with a 1 – 0 win to us scored by Ibrahim. The second game was against Scartho which we unfortunately lost 1 – 0 to them. The third game was against Woodlands in which was a 1 – 0 win to us scored by Bobbi and finally the last game was won 1 – 0 by St Marys against Middlethorpe scored by Jakub. So overall the boys did fantastically well with 3 out of 4 games being won by ourselves! Well done boys, we are very proud of you!

Year 5/6 Football Competition 20/10/2016


Boys from Year 5 and Y6 took part in a Football tournament at Bradley Pitches organised by their sport coaches, Gravity Red.  The selected team were hit with bad luck when Bobbi injured his arm days before and a bout of sickness meant that Emanuel was also unable to play.  However, Tyler and Kewin were strong additions to the team. With Mr Osborne also not able to take the boys to the game, we were lucky then to have Bobbi acting as coach on the side lines. 

 The Saint Mary’s team faced tough opposition for their opening match against Scartho but quickly got into their stride.  Scartho had many attempts on goal but found it tough to get anything past Kevin.  With a goal by the Scartho team in the last minute, the match ended in an unlucky 1-0 defeat.  Undeterred, the boys approached the second game with East Ravendale with the same level of grit and determination. Bradley and Kian were solid in defence and the score of 1-0 to the other side didn’t really reflect how even the game was. Straight into the third game with Woodlands, the boys initially looked a little tired, but very quickly took control of the game.  The ball was played mainly in our control with excellent attacking play by Layton and Ashdon.  Ibrahim was like a bullet and had many attempts on goal but frustratingly, none were converted into goals.   There was a tense moment in the second half when a penalty was awarded and we hoped that we could keep our cool.  Tyler approached the ball with focus and hit an amazing ball, right on target, giving us the goal we had been waiting for and leading to a well-deserved 1-0 win.  The final game was played against Middlethorpe.  Charlie was a strong defender and all the boys showed  excellent team work with skilful passing and tactical manoeuvring.  They played with confidence and were 1-0 up at half time.  Unfortunately, a lucky goal gave the opposition the boost they needed and we went on to concede another, finishing with a 2-1 defeat.  Although the final outcomes didn’t quite match the effort and perseverance the boys demonstrated, they put on a good show and represented the school very well.  It is worth noting that all but one of our boys were Year 5 playing against many Year 6 boys in other teams. Awarding man of the match was a difficult choice with both Ashdon and Layton showing gritty determination in every single tackle to win back possession of the ball at crucial times in the game, but the award must go to Kewin who remained unfazed and resolute and without whom, the goals conceded could have been much higher.  A very big well done to all!

Football 7th April 2017

On the 7th April 2017 our Football Team had their final match against Scartho B, East Ravendale, Woodlands and Middlethorpe. Within the first Match against East Ravendale the children had good possession of the ball. Jakub was noted down for having fantastic passing skills to the other players. Bradley was our goal keeper and did a fabulous job defending the goal throughout the game, only letting one ball in, in total! The score at the end of that match was 0:1 to East Ravendale. 

During the second match against Scartho, Bobbi tried to score and had an excellent run at it. He showed good sportsmanship to the other team. In a penalty shoot out Bradley saved our goal and Jakub scored one so that left us with 1:0 to Saint Mary's. 

In Match 3 we faced Middlethorpe. Ibrahim was fouled and given a penalty that just went wide of the goal. Within the match the boys tried really hard and worked well as a team with Bobbi and Ibrahim trying to score but just missing. However, Jakub scored one goal which meant that it finished as 1:0 to Saint Mary's.

In the final match of the day against Woodlands it was noted that Emanuel's defending skills were fantastic and this meant that they were unable to score. However, Woodlands defending team were also working hard too which meant that no score was given at the end of the Match. 

Well done to all of the boys, throughout this tournament you have really tried your hardest and have supported each other tremendously! Overall, after all 4 matches that we have participated in this year we came SECOND!! A fantastic achievement for all! Well done boys!