The children have been learning gymnastics and creating their own routines using six different gymnastic positions and perfecting their balance.

They have also been doing gymnastic jumps. They have been focusing on balance, presentation, posture and landing. They have enjoyed using numerous sizes of different apparatus.


The children in year 4 have been looking at movement in dance this week and have been trying to interpret how different animals might move in the form of dance. We have had some delightful performances of octopuses, sharks, jellyfish, crabs, stingrays and flying fish.


The children in year 4 have been outside working on their tennis skills. The lesson began with a warm up and the children have learned that like play dough if we don’t warm our muscles up they will not stretch and can snap resulting in major injuries. The children have been practicing their ready stance, forehand, bounce returns and underarm throws. Could we have the next Nadal or Murray in our midst?


In Y4, we have been out on the field practicing running for our PE lesson. We have looked at long distance and sprinting. The children have been using different techniques for the different distances. For long distance they have been taking a slower pace to be able to maintain running for the whole distance and to help control their breathing. In sprinting the children used all their energy and might to go at their maximum speed in hopes of achieving the win. The children have then been evaluating their heartbeats after each race to monitor the difference in speed of the breathing and heart rates. Watch out Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.


The children in year 4 have been working in groups to create gymnastic performances that incorporate different high and low balances, rolls and cartwheels. They have looked at timing, presentation and symmetry of their performance. We may have a gold medal in our midst.