Children in Year 5 took part in a catching lesson where they were practising their skills reading to start playing striking and fielding games in the near future. The children first got used to the catching technique they were taught - making sure that they were not rigid and were in fact free to move about with hands ready. They then took part in a few catching games - some which included losing limbs if they lost! Another game they played was hot potato which really tested their quick reactions and concentration. Finally, they played a game of runners. This is where one child was the runner (who had to get as many runs as possible) while the other two children had to catch a ball 20 times without dropping it to stop them getting more runs! Lots of fun was had by all and now we are much better at catching - as long as we are concentrating that is!


In P.E. this term Year 5 have been learning tennis.  Over the last few weeks the children have worked on different tennis skills, practising their forehand, backhand, bounce returns, serving and rallies.  In this week’s lesson they finally got to use the new tennis nets, putting everything they have learned into practice.  They worked with a partner, playing a doubles game of tennis against another two children, while two more children acted as umpires.  The first pair to reach five points won the game.  The players rotated round in a carousel system so that everyone had a turn playing a game of tennis using the nets.


In Gymnastics today the children in year 5 have been recapping over rolls they did last year looking at purpose, control and posture. The rolls they have been trying to perfect today were log roll, forward roll, egg roll, teddy bear roll, dish and hollow and side roll. Well done the Olympics are in our sight.

Invasion Games

Year 5 are recapping Invasion games, such as Football and Hockey, and in particular are looking at improving their skills. The children worked with a partner on control and passing the ball, then controlling/passing the ball whilst moving.


In PE the YR5 children have been working on their gymnastic balances, mirror image balances with partners and they have been taught how to perform a correct cartwheel using the clock method, the children are allowed to perform their own style cartwheel as long as arms are strong and straight as well as long pointy legs and toes.