KS1 Sports Day

KS1 Sports Day - 20/06/17 - Intraschool Competiton


Today we held our KS1 sports day at 1.30 on the field. The children and adults had an amazing time competing in a range of sports and races. To begin with Miss Littlewood welcomed everyone to the day and Bobbi, our Y5 School Games oath winner, read out his winning oath to all in attendance. After that the races started with Y1 boys to Y1 girls and so on and so forth up through to Y2. The races they competed in were a straight running race and quoit on the head race. In order to get house point the children were awarded 4 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, 2 points for 3rd place and 1 point for 4th place. 

After the track races had taken place the children were put back into their year groups and competed in field events around the field. The activities consisted of: bean bag throw, throwing and catching, long jump and side to side jump. The children had 10 minutes per activity to get as many house points as possible. 

After the field events took place the fastest children competed in an egg and spoon race. Finally while the scores were being totted up and averaged out the parents took part in a parents race, a toddlers race and some of the staff took part in a race too (Well done Miss Dennison!). 


Below you can see the scores and the clear winners were Soubirous! Fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day and they never once gave up. Well done to all of the other houses who also tried very hard too! Thank you to all of the parents and carers of our children who came to support them throughout. We have had a wonderful day and hope you did too!


Soubirous = 153 

Bosco = 151

Lisieux = 123.1

Assisi = 116.6