Athlete Visit


Today the children in Saint Mary’s had a VERY special visitor. They were visited by an aspiring Commonwealth and Olympic athlete, Beth Dobbin. She conducted a circuit of spotty dogs, mountain climbers, press ups and star jumps with each year group and then did an assembly all about her story to how she has gotten to where she is today. The children all raised money at home or brought in contributions towards Beth’s charity, Sports for Champions, who help aspiring athletes get the training they need to get to the games they want to qualify for. In total the school raised an amazing £620 for the charity! Thank you to all of the parents and carers out there who supported our children in achieving this amount of money, it is greatly appreciated. Below are some pictures of the children taking part in the circuit, along with some images of the children who raised the most money. Well done to Year 3 who raised £142.80 for the charity and won a special certificate and a trophy which will arrive soon. Thanks again to Beth who showed the children that with enough determination and resilience we can achieve anything we set our mind to!

Our Award Winning Fundraisers!

A selection of children from Y1 - Y6, who raised between £5 - £60 per child! Each of them received a price, from a signed poster to a personalised photo of them and Beth to take home! Well done!

Year 6

Some of the Year 6's look a little out of breath!

Year 5

The year 5's tried very hard not to give up, even Miss Littlewood joined in on the action!

Year 4

We had some very tired year 4's after this circuit, well done!

Year 3

Miss Hirst gave the circuits a whirl and encouraged her class to keep going! Would you expect anything less from the best fundraising class?

Year 2

Mr Pickerdon and Miss Westfield are gym fanatics but the year twos pushed them to work their hardest!

Year 1

As you can see from the smiles on their faces, year 1 had a brilliant time with Beth!


Foundation stage gave the circuits their all and came away with very pink faces, well done!


Beth taught the children how to be detemined in life and what it meant for her on her journey! They even got to touch and try on some of her medals. Look at Jason, who didn't want to take it off, clearly going for GOLD!