Change 4 Life Club

At Saint Mary's we run a C4L club on a Thursday lunch time. 

Just like in any other subjects, this intervention is being offered to our children to raise their attainment in PE. A range of children, along with their friends, will have the opportunity to take part in fun multi-skills games which will get them up and moving and learning about healthy eating and living. The aim of the club is to get children who usually don’t have that much confidence within PE to raise their self-esteem and get up and get active. This will hopefully have an impact on their fitness levels and will aid them in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle which are lifelong skills needed for healthy living.

Change4Life is a campaign that has been launched by the Government to promote health and nutrition and was launched in 2009. Change4Life's aim is to inspire a broad coalition of people, including the NHS, local authorities, businesses, charities, schools, families, community leaders - in fact anyone working with families or individuals - to all play a part in improving the nation's health and well-being by encouraging everyone to eat well, move more and live longer.


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Change4Life Club

In January we started our Change4Life Club afterschool on a Tuesday. The children started off by writing in their C4L booklets and discussing what targets we could set ourselves. We spoke about the importance of fluids to hydrate ourselves and the children predicted which of the drinks that were provided would have the most and least sugar in them. They predicted from least to most amount of sugar would be: water, orange juice, Ribena, Lucazade, Milkshake, Pepsi and Coke. Then we weighed out the sugar and put them in order, the results amazed us at how much sugar is in our drinks, even in orange juice! After looking at the sugar in drinks we then did some activities like dodgeball, cups and saucers and Treasure Island. We got really hot and sweaty but had a great time! Our targets for this week are to swap fizzy drinks for water and to do 15 minutes of extra activity every day.



Change 4 Life Club 2017 - 18

Change 4 Life Club is back! Some children in KS2 have been specially invited to join Miss Littlewood and Miss Wells’ C4L club to increase their confidence in PE and get up and get active during lunch time. Every Thursday lunch time these select few children will meet Miss Littlewood outside to take part in fun games and sports of their choosing. They may even get to taste test some fruit from around the world! Here are some pictures of the first day back doing a fitness test to see if we can improve our scores by the end of the term! The aim of the club is to attend the Go Run for Fun event in April 2018 as an end of year goal! 

Just Dance Fun - C4L Club

C4L - 02/11/17


Not even rain stops our Change for Life club!  When the rain pours the children still came to club and took part in some Just Dance fun! The children chose all of their favourite songs  and copied the dance moves, keeping them active and moving. Even Miss Littlewood and Miss Wells joined in! At the end the children spoke about the importance of staying active even when it's cold outside, they were then set some targets to eat a piece of fruit and do 10 minutes of exercise after school and all left with a piece of fruit and a smile on their faces.


A Special Visitor!


Today the children in Change 4 Life club had a very special visitor in from the School Sports Partnership, Mr Dobbs. The children have met Mr Dobbs lots of times when he has been in school to train up the sports leaders but today they were able to spend their time with him learning new games and running the games with him. They discussed as a group that we should be doing 1 hour of exercise per day and drink at least 6 200ml cups of water per day to stay hydrated. Games that they played included: Traffic lights (where a colour matches an action), throwing a bean bag and quickly swapping with someone else, quick reactions and James Bond. The children had a lovely time and are looking forward to playing their new games with Miss Littlewood and Miss Wells next week!

Go Run For Fun


Today 2 children were chose to be special agents for the Go Run For Fun programme. These were Samual and Faith. Throughout the day they were told their 6 missions which are, health and well-being, resilience, endurance, eating a rainbow, bin the sugar win with water and team spirit. They were given games and activities to match each of these missions. All in all the children loved it. 


Go Run For Fun

The children from Change for Life club were invited along to a Go Run For Fun event of running, jogging or walking a mile. 

We arrived at Brantingham Park where the field had been set out as an official run with start and finish lines. The children were given event t shirts and runner numbers as well. 

Harry Aikines, who is a Common Wealth relay gold medalist! Was there to give the children a motivational talk beforehand and to start the run. 

All the children completed the mile! They all really enjoyed the event and found it an enjoyable challenge. They all persevered with it showing brilliant resilience and determination. 

Sugar (26th April 2018)

Last week, the children from C4L club worked with Miss Wells to investigate how many teaspoons of sugar there were in each of the drinks she brought in. Children made their guesses and were so shocked to find out that there is so much sugar lurking inside their drinks! Did you know that flavoured water has about 5 teaspoons in?! And that was the most healthy out of the options! The children spoke about making the right choices in regards to their drinks and promised to start drinking more water as this has 0 tea spoons of sugar.