Change4Life Club

In January we started our Change4Life Club afterschool on a Tuesday. The children started off by writing in their C4L booklets and discussing what targets we could set ourselves. We spoke about the importance of fluids to hydrate ourselves and the children predicted which of the drinks that were provided would have the most and least sugar in them. They predicted from least to most amount of sugar would be: water, orange juice, Ribena, Lucazade, Milkshake, Pepsi and Coke. Then we weighed out the sugar and put them in order, the results amazed us at how much sugar is in our drinks, even in orange juice! After looking at the sugar in drinks we then did some activities like dodgeball, cups and saucers and Treasure Island. We got really hot and sweaty but had a great time! Our targets for this week are to swap fizzy drinks for water and to do 15 minutes of extra activity every day.


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