Schools Sports Partnership

In order to raise the profile of PE and Sports in our school, Saint Mary's has been apart of the School Sports Partnership (SSP) for the last few years.The Partnership places a strong emphasis on getting schools to work and compete together in competitions. This year we have worked very closely with the SSP to engage as many children from our school to participate in competitions against local schools. This has raised their enthusiasm towards PE and continues to build on their sportsmanship qualities that we try to instill in them. 

Year 5 and 6 Basketball




Today some children from Year 5 and 6 went to a Basketball skills session at Grimsby Institute Sports Centre. The children got together with other schools such as: Elliston, Old Clee, Scartho, Strand and some more to take part in a skills session by Coach Rob. The children all learnt the rules of Basketball, what the symbols mean if they are to get a foul and how to dribble correctly. They then had a chance to practise some passing drills using chest pass and bounce pass. After a quick break the children then had a practise shooting at the hoops and scored 9 hoops in 2 minutes when set the challenge by coach Rob. The children will use these skills in order to compete against the other schools next week in the hope of winning! Good luck guys, you did fab today!




 Year 5/6 Girls Football Competition


05/10/17 – Girls Football Competition


Last week, our girls football team took part in their first ever football competition sporting our brand new football kit sponsored to us by Proactive Wear. The girls went to the Bradley Development Centre to take part in the first part of their fixture against local schools in the area such as: Scartho, New Waltham, Waltham Leas, Springfield and East Ravendale. The girls tried their hardest but didn’t manage to get a goal this time around. Hopefully with weekly practise with Mr Osborne and Mr Bakes the girls will grow in confidence and in their next game will score some goals! Throughout all of the games the girls kept up beat, worked together as a team and were fantastic sports women to the other teams. We are hugely proud of you girls, keep up the hard work!




 Year 4 Tag Rugby Competition


Tag Rugby – 05/10/17


Today some children from Year 4 went to a Tag Rugby competition at King George Playing Fields. The first match was against St James, the second against Great Coates and the thirds against Springfield B team. The team tried their very hardest all the way throughout and scored a few tries. The children game 3rd out of 4 teams in their fixture which is a fabulous achievement. Well done everyone, we are really proud of you.


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition -28/09/17

Today some children from Year 5/6 went to King George Playing Fields to play against different schools in the area at Tag Rugby. In total there were 17 teams (170 pupils) who took part. To start off the games Bobbi confidently read out his winning oath from last year's cultural competition in front of everyone.

During the group stages we came up against Wybers (6-4 to us), Welholme (5-1 to us), Elliston (5-4 to us) and East Ravendale (5-4 to us). We were the only team other than Healing A team in the group stages to win 100% of their matches and we are immensely proud of that achievement.

Due to this, the children then were able to stay for the quarter finals where they came up against Healing and won 4-2. A very excited Miss Queen and Mrs Garner stood at the side lines biting their nails as the children then moved onto the semi finals against Signhills. During the semifinals the children played to their highest standard and it was a close call between both schools. The final score was 7-6 to signhills with Ibrahim closely trying to score a try as the klaxon went!

Overall we came 4th out of the 17 teams which is a huge achievement. The children should be hugely proud of their achievements because we are! Well done to all who took part.


Y4 Basketball

Y4 Basketball competition - 26/09/17

Today 6 of our year 4 children got that chance to go to Grimsby Institute to complete in a Basketball Skills session in order to prepare them for the competition next week. The children took part in passing, dribbling and shooting techniques and were given the chance to practise these within their groups. We look forward to using these skills next week in our competition.


Y4 Basketball Competition


Today 6 children in Year 4 went to a basketball competition held at Grimsby Institute. The children were put into their fixtures and given the chance to compete against other schools starting with a 3 minute game boys v boys and then a 3 minute game girls v girls. To begin with the children were against Strand. All children tried their hardest and a point was scored by Lexi which took us to 2-0 up! After we played Strand we then moved onto playing against Old Clee. Again, all children tried their hardest but unfortunately Old Clee just got  a ball past us which left the point 2-0 to them. For the third game we game up against Elliston A in which all children marked and found spaces in order to have lots of shots at the hoop. No points were scored in this game so we drew 0-0. For our final game we competed against Scartho B team. The children were really trying their hardest to ensure that they were shooting at the hoop and had so many near misses. Lucky for us Alfie scored so we ended the game 2-0 to us. In our fixture we ended up coming 3rd place and we are massively proud of that achievement! Well done to all who took part, you were an absolute delight to take on the trip and were great sportsmen and women!



Today year 5 and 6 children went to Grimsby Institute to take part in a Basketball competition. The children used their skills from the last skills session in order to play against other teams in the local area. We were in the B group and after a slow start Cloverfields with an 8-0 lose to them we soon picked up the pace against the other teams. With a 4-4 draw against Elliston, a 20-0 win to us against Willows and a 4-2 won't to us against Enfield we could not be prouder of how hard all of the team tried and their great sportsmanship with each other and the other schools. The final placings for each fixture can be seen below: 



Group A:

Strand -4th 

Old clee - 3rd

Middlethorpe -2nd

Scartho -1st


Group B: 

Willows - 5th

Enfield - 4th

St Mary's - 3rd

Elliston -2nd

Cloverfields - 1st 


As you can see we came a very respectable 3rd place in our fixture, which we are hugely proud of! Well done guys! 


Just before the winners were announced, Ibrahim was one of the only children to be specially chosen by Mr Dobbs to receive a medal for being one of the only children he has ever seen conduct a 'lay up'. Well done Ibrahim, we are very proud. 

Year 5 & 6 Football


Yesterday, a number of boys from year 5 and 6 went to the Bradley Development Centre to take part in their first fixture of the boys football competitions. The boys worked as a team against two of our local teams – Scartho and New Waltham. In the first and third match the boys were up against New Waltham and throughout the games the boys determination and defensive skills were top notch with no points being scored by either team and a 0-0 draw. Even though there was a 0-0 draw the boys were constantly striving to get the ball into their goal with lots of near misses – if only it wasn’t for their goal keeper! In the 2nd and 4th matches the boys came up against Scartho. Throughout these matches the boys drive and determination continued, seeing a 0-0 draw in one match and a 1-0 result for Scartho with an accidental own goal. The boys played fantastically well and Mr Thornton, who was running the event, even spoke to me personally to congratulate the boys on how well they had done in the fixtures stating “ you have some very talented boys “. We could not be prouder of their achievement and with some more practise next half term the boys will hopefully be able to sneak a goal past their goalkeeper! When asked which boys deserved a special mention Ibrahim said, “Bradley did so well because they tried to score a goal a lot of times but Bradley saved them all and Jakub did very well too because he has never been to one of our competitions but tried his hardest and was a good player!” A fabulous effort all round – and don’t they look smart in their new football kit given to us by Proactive Wear!

Year 6 Boys Football Competition 14/11/2017


Today some Y6 boys had the opportunity to take part in a Y6 Boys Football competition for the EFL kids cup. When the children arrived at the venue they were given half an hour to warm up, practising skills like; passing and shooting. They all had a group discussion about what their plans and strategies were in regards to the teams they were playing. In total there were 24 local football teams playing and each of the teams were put into separate groups. Within our group stage the boys had their first match against Laceby Gardens. Layton scored the first goal in the bottom corner, which was set up by Charlie and which set the boys in high spirits for a second one. Luckily enough, another one was scored by Bobbi, who snuck it in the side past the keeper. The first match ended with a 2 – 0 win to us! In the second match the boys were up against St Peters. Miss Smith was so impressed by the boys defending and midfield players as they really pulled together and showed amazing teamwork. The first goal of the match was scored by Bobbi, which was a volley. This was closely followed by a goal from Emanuel and then 3 consecutive goals from Ibrahim! In total the match ended with a 5 – 0 win to us again! In match 3 the children came up against Middlethorpe. Miss Smith said the boys worked so hard and had amazing communication on and off the pitch! Unfortunately, Middlethorpe snuck a ball past Bradley and the match ended with a 1 – 0 win to them. In the fourth match the children boys came up against Signhills. The match was an interesting one with a goal being scored by Bobbi as a ‘header’ from the half way line! The boys could not believe it and quite rightly celebrated an amazing goal! However, Signhills managed to sneak a goal past us too, so the match ended in a 1 – 1 draw. In the final match, the boys came up against Caistor. The boys pushed on again and another goal was scored by Bobbi winning the match for us again 1 – 0. Miss Smith was hugely impressed by the efforts of all of the boys who took part today. Their dedication and team work was exemplary, they were fair to each other ensuing that all boys had a fair chance on the pitch and all gave each other a huge support and encouragement. Overall, the boys came 3rd in their group and we are hugely proud of this achievement. Their sportsmanship today has shown everyone exactly what Saint Mary’s are about and their teamwork is something we hope to see grow in future matches! Well done lads!

Year 6 Dodgeball Competition


On Friday 6 of our y6 boys went to a dodgeball competition held at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. The boys competed against Scartho A, Scartho B and New Waltham. In the first match the children came up against New Waltham which we won 3-0 for the first game and a draw in the second game. After that, the children came up against Scartho A. In the first game we won 2-1 and then 3-0 in the second game. Finally, the children were up against Scartho B. In the first game the children won 2-0 and then 3-0. Due to all of our amazing wins, we reached the final against New Waltham and won that one too. This meant that the boys all received a medal and a plaque for our school. We are very proud of their achievement but what impressed Miss Queen more, was the level of compassion and sportsmanship that all the boys showed. Well done boys. 

Football Match 2

On Thursday 14th December our boys football team had their second football match of the year against local schools in our fixture. The boys worked so hard in all of their matches in winning every single one of them!! In their first match, the boys came up against Scartho which saw a 2 -1 victory to us with Ibrahim and Charlie both scoring past their goal keeper. Next, the boys came up against East Ravendale which saw them win 7 – 0 by 4 goals from Bobbi (in the first half!) and 3 by Ibrahim – what a fabulous achievement! In their 3rd match of the day the boys came up against Woodlands where the boys saw a 2 – 0 win yet again. And finally, in their last match of the day the boys went up against New Waltham in which they saw another victory with a 2 – 0 win to them! Currently the boys are drawing at the top of their fixture, with two more matches to go we hope that their efforts will be seen again and another victory will be had!


Year 5 Hockey

02/11/17 – Hockey Competition

Today some children in Y5 went to a hockey competition held at Oasis Wintringham with Premier Sports. While they were there they got to meet Charlotte Hartley (Ex England International) from the Dame Kelly Holmes trust, who attended the event as a Sports Ambassador. The children listened to her success story and then got straight into some matches against other schools from the local area.

Year 4 Dodgeball


Today 6 children from year 4 took part in a dodgeball competition. They were placed in group A and their first match was against Elliston B which they would 2 – 1. Their second match was then against St Joseph’s B which they won 2 – 0. In their third match they were up against Fairfield, all children tried really hard but they lost 3 – 0 to them. In their fourth match they were against Cloverfield which they won 2 – 0. After a successful round of wins the children ended up being 3rd in their groups which meant that they qualified for the quarter finals against Elliston. The children tried their hardest and luckily won 2 – 0 against them which meant that they were then moved to the semifinals! In the semifinals they were up against Fairfield (who were the only team to beat them in the first quarter). However, confidence prevailed and they won 2 – 1 meaning that they were then moved to the final against Middlethorpe. In an intense final the children tried their very best but unfortunately lost 2-0. All children who took part should be hugely proud of themselves, second place is absolutely incredible and Alfie even got picked out by another member of staff from another school saying he was an ‘amazing catcher’! Well done guys, we are so proud of you all!

Year 5 Dodgeball


Today some children in year 5 had the opportunity to go to a Y5 dodge ball competition held at Havelock. The children were placed in group B and their first match was up against Old Clee B – the children showed great determination but unfortunately lost 2 – 1 to them. In their second match they came up against Reynolds A and after a few dodges and catches they unfortunately lost 2 – 1 to them. In their third match against Healing the children tried their hardest and were very honest when they were hit but unfortunately lost 3 – 0. We are hugely proud of the amazing sportsmanship that all children showed in their matches. They did us proud and were a credit to the school as they were representing us – well done!


Year 3 / 4 Athletics

Today on 30/01/2018, some of the children in year 3 and year 4 have attended an indoor athletics competition competing against other schools from Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Each child had two track and two field attempts to compete in. They are represented the school immaculately and worked fabulously in team and individual events. The events included: chest push, standing long jump, 5 strides, vertical jump, soft javelin, speed bounce, obstacle relay, 2 x 1 lap relay, 2 x 2 lap relay, 1 lap hurdles relay, over and under relay and 4 x 1 lap relay.

Year 6 Dodgeball


Today 12 children from Y6 went to Havelock to take part in a dodge ball competition. Due to the amount of children who attend dodge ball club as an after school club, we had an A and B team. These teams consisted of: A Team = Cody, Ib, Bradley, Millie, Alicja and Brooke. B Team = Emanuel, Ashdon, Charlie, Layla, Katie C and Katie G. SMP A Team came up against teams such as: Great Coates, Wybers A and Scartho B. In the first match they drew once and lost 2 matches. In the second they lost all 3 matches. In their final match they won twice and drew once. All in all the A team came 3rd in their groupings which is brilliant! Similarly, the B team came up against