Sports For All

In order to raise the profile of PE and Sports further in our school, Saint Mary's became a part of a sports alliance group, which is called 'Sports for All'. This is a group of schools from the local area who enter their classes into whole school sports festivals. This is in order to prepare them for upcoming SSP competitions, mix with other schools in sporting events, encourage inactive children to be involved in sports and give them experience of different sports they may not usually take part in. 

Year 5 - Tag Rugby


Today the children in Year 5 went to the Bradley Development Centre in order to take part in a Tag Rugby Festival. The children were given the chance to play in a number of drills to begin with the enable them to learn the skills of tag rugby before playing some matches. The drills that they took part in were: throwing, running with the ball with 2 hands, passing behind, scoring a try, dodging and tagging each other. After a quick drink and toilet break the children were then able to mix with other schools such as: Scartho, Springfield and Signhills in order to play matches of tag rugby with other children. They all had a fabulous time and really tried their hardest throughout the morning. Well done Year 5.

Y4 Basketball Festival

On Monday 16th October, Year 4 went to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre to take part in a basketball festival. They all had a fantastic morning practising their dribbling, shooting and passing skills. After that, we split into 4 teams and played a tournament of basketball games. The children tried their absolute hardest and the instructors were blown away by their enthusiasm, determination and how well they represented Saint Mary’s. Well done, Year 4!

Year 3 Handball

A few weeks ago year 3 went to a handball festival. We learnt some new skills with children from other schools, then played some mini games. As usual, behaviour was exceptional. The children showed everyone why Father Andrew calls Saint Mary's the best school in Grimsby! 

Handball Year 3


Today 4 children in Y3 attended a gifted and talented handball festival with other schools from the local area. The children were specially selected from their class after attending the whole class handball festival last half term. They played skills games and then mini competitions mixing and integrating with other schools. Well done to all who attended, you behaviour and attitude was impeccable. You will do well in future competitions as you grow older.

Year 2 Athletics 

Last week, the Year 2 children went to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and took part in a variety of athletics activities. We were put into groups with other children from 2 different schools and worked well as teams. There was running, throwing and balancing activities and we used a lot of the techniques we have been taught in our PE lessons.

They all thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Year 2 Athletics


Following up from the activity morning at the Cleethorpes Lesiure Centre in which children from year 2 participated in against other schools from the area  - four children were chosen to go on and compete with other schools as an individual timed event, competing against themselves.
The children took part in different activities which included  javelin throw, long jump , shot putt , bean bag throwing ,relay and an obstacle course. The children were put into teams and their aim was to improve on their previous time and strive for their own personal best!
The children  were fully engaged in the activities provided and each found a specific activity in which they were particularly good at. The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of their morning. Well done guys !

3rd place javelin Messiah

3rd place bean bag throw Aidan

2nd place shot put - Messiah