MSP Special Projects

At Saint Mary’s we pride ourselves on providing children with fun and interactive opportunities that they may not always have the chance to experience outside of school. This year we are wanting to ensure all children take part in non-curricular activities which are seen as ‘outdoor’ and ‘adventurous’ in comparison to our usual curriculum sports. Therefore, we have invited our sports coaching providers, MSP, to come into school and to provide us with their special projects. In this section you will be able to see the different opportunities provided to all year groups this year. For example:


Autumn Term 1 – Year 3 and 5 will be doing archery. Please see the archery tab for more information.

Spring Term 1 – Year 4 and 6 will be doing fencing.

Spring Term 1 – Reception class will be doing balance bikes.

Summer Term 1 – Year 1 and 2 will be doing fencing.


Year 5 - Archery


29/09/17 – Archery


 Today the children in Year 5 were given the opportunity to start their special Archery Project from MSP in PE. The children learned how to set up the box and arrow correctly, learned the correct stance to use when aiming and firing and got a chance to aim at targets and try to score points. They all had a lovely afternoon and can’t wait for next week!




Archery - Year 3

29/09/17 - On Friday, the children in year 3 had the opportunity to have a go at a new sport which we hadn’t done before. We were really excited when we found out it was archery. Miss Hirst had been giving us clues all day! We learnt how to load our arrow and had a go at firing at a target.

Year 5 - Archery


06/10/17 Archery Y5

Today the children in Y5 had the chance to take part in Archery again. At the beginning of the lesson Mr Osborne questioned the children on how to load their bows and arrows, recapping on health and safety rules and modelling how to do this correctly. After that the children were split in half. Half of the group aimed at a board that has points written on them, if they hit the numbers then they could challenge the other people in their groups to do that many exercises (e.g. press ups, sit ups, burpees etc). The other half of the group were given targets to hit: a goal, skittles, a football and a dodgeball. Each target as worth a certain amount of points. (Goal = 1, skittles = 10, football = 15, dodgeball = 25) When the children hit the targets they then gave their teams that amount of exercises to keep the children constantly active. The children had a fabulous time and their accuracy in aiming is getting much better with Taylor, Jayden, Daisy and Anabella hitting the smallest target on a number of occasions. Well done Y5, a fantastic effort.


Archery 13/10/2017


Today, the children in year 5 continued their archery special project with Mr Osborne. Today they were focussing on being more accurate with their aiming in order to hit a target. The targets they had to hit were: a gymnastics table (5 points), skittles (10 points), a dodgeball (20 points) and a tennis ball (30 points). Lots of children were able to aim more accurately this week with Daisy getting a combined score of 120! While that group aimed at targets, the other group were given the chance to aim at the boards. This time Mr Osborne expected the children to say a colour they were aiming for and hit it rather than just aiming for anything. The children used the term ‘aim small, miss small’. This really worked for the children as we had more of them hitting the colours that they were aiming for. When they hit the colour that they were aiming for they collected that colour cone and had a competition between themselves to see which team could collect the most cones.

Archery - Year 3

06/10/17 - In our second archery session, year 3 have been aiming at smaller targets, such as skittles, a football, a dodgeball and even a tennis ball! We are even hitting them! We have also been using our maths skills by adding up our scores – in the third round we had to double them!

Fencing - Year 4

12/01/2017 - In Year 4, the children had their first Fencing lesson with Mr Osborne. They’ve learnt all about the armour, safety, hand and leg positions and started looking at methods of attacking. All of the children thoroughly enjoy their first session and cannot wait for next week’s lesson already!

Fencing - Year 6

15/01/18 -   Over the next few weeks on a Friday afternoon Year 6 will be taking part in fencing. In our first session we have looked and wore the equipment we will need (vest, mask and our foil). We have discussed movements which include: on guard – ready, advance – go forward, retire – step back, lunge attack, step lunge attack, grip and drag, heel attack, As we become more confident we will be competing with a partner.

Fencing - Year 6

22/01/18 - This week in fencing we have worked with a partner using what we have learnt so far. We have used the following movements: attack, step lunge attack. We will continue to build on this to improve our skills.

Balance Bikes - FS2

In Reception class, the children have started a special course called ‘Balancability’. This is to support and improve children’s focus, balance, concentration and core strength. The bikes do not have peddles to ensure that children focus on balance and confidence.