This week in fencing we have worked with a partner using what we have learnt so far. We have used the following movements: attack, step lunge attack. We will continue to build on this to improve our skills.


Long Distance Running

In P.E. we have completed long distance running. We discussed about how it is important to pace ourselves from the beginning and build our stamina to enable us to have something left at the end of the race to succeed and complete.

Athletics - Jumping

Year 6 are looking at ways to develop their awareness and technique to use an explosive move in jumping when attempting a standing long jump, triple jump and high jump. The activity was child led.  They are working in groups and complete a carousel of activities. They explained their activity and at the end of the lesson discussed if any changes could be made to improve.

P.E. 13/09/2017

Today in year 6, we had PE in the hall and had a class competition of bench ball. We had three team captains who were selected for their excellent attitude and work this afternoon in Science. As the children were so good at blocking, defending, catching, throwing and teamwork; Miss Snell decided to up the anti and adapt the rules to make the game more challenging and the children rose to the challenge triumphantly.

P.E. Moving and Communicating


In P.E. we have been passing, moving and communicating. We have put into practise these skills to help us in our game.


In gymnastics Year 6 have been working on forwards, backwards and teddy bear rolls.  We have worked in groups to produce these safely and maintaining our posture. We have used the apparatus for balance and dismounting.


Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been focusing on hockey. They have been working in partners and teams to practice control of the ball and use of a stick. They have been working on passing the ball with accuracy and control. They have looked at different styles for attacking and defensive play. The children have even learned to set up the equipment and mark out court gridlines.


In PE this term Year 6 have been playing tennis. They have used a forward and backhand. They have used the technique of serving. They have practised with a partner and have used their skills when playing with a partner and in a doubles.



Today the children in Y6 have had a PE lessons based on striking. They recapped their knowledge on how to bowl to their partners and then learnt how to use the cricket and rounders bats to strike. After practising using these different resources, they then refined their skills on striking to begin to aim and put power behind their strikes. After they practised, refined and evaluated their striking skills, they then competed in a game where the batters gained a point for each time they hit the ball but if the fielders caught the ball then their points were eliminated. A great lesson had by all.


This term, summer term 2, in year 6, the children have been having their PE lesson with Mr Bakes. The have been looking at athletics in particular standing long jump and triple jump. They have been looking at different techniques that require the use of the arms and legs in different positions that will extend the length of their jump.