Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life Club is back! Some children in KS2 have been specially invited to join Miss Littlewood’s C4L club to increase their confidence in PE and get up and get active during lunch time. Every Thursday lunch time these select few children will meet Miss Littlewood outside to take part in fun games and sports of their choosing. They may even get to taste test some fruit from around the world! Here are some pictures of the first day back doing a fitness test to see if we can improve our scores by the end of the term!



02/10/17 – Dodge ball Club

Back by popular demand, dodge ball club has been brought back this year and has still not wavered in its popularity with the KS2 children. Due to this high demand 2 members of our SSOC (School Sports Organising Committee), Kian and Charlie, have been pulled in to run the club with Mr Osborne. Kian and Charlie started off the club by running a warm up where they gave the children actions that related to numbers and asked them to complete the action. (E.g. 1 = jog, 2 = side step etc.) Then they went on to learning the rule and playing a game of bench ball. The attendance at this club is high and we hope to see this continue throughout the term!