Year 3 Class Information Autumn Term 2017  

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Today, 27thth of September, the children in year 3 have been learning the numbers from 1-12 in French. We watched a video and then played games. The first game we were in groups of 6 we had our own number to say. We then had our own number, if your number was shouted you had to jump up and perform star jumps to the amount said in French. We then went outside and played hopscotch in which we had to count our numbers in French and miss the number called out. The children were ‘fantastique!’


This week, 21/09/2017, in maths, some of the children in Year 3 have been looking at the value of digits. They used dienes and arrow cards to help with their learning.


This term the children in Year 3 are learning to play the recorder. They seem to be very good at it so far. We are working towards being able to hold a concert for parents.