At Saint Mary’s, we believe that all children have the right to be safe.. Therefore, we recognise that we have a duty to ensure arrangements are in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  We do this by creating a positive school atmosphere, pastoral support and care for both pupils and school personnel, training for school personnel and with working with parents. We teach all our children about safeguarding.


We understand that 'safeguarding is what we do for all children, whilst child protection refers to the procedures we use for children at risk of significant harm or who have been harmed.'


We work hard to ensure that everyone keeps careful watch throughout the school and in everything we do for possible dangers or difficulties. We want all children to feel safe at all times. We want to hear their views of how we can improve all aspects of safeguarding and from the evidence gained we put into place all necessary improvements.


We want all our children to achieve their full potential by:


  • being as physically and mentally healthy as possible;
  • experiencing good quality education opportunities;
  • living in a safe environment;
  • learning and working in a safe environment;
  • experiencing emotional well being;
  • feeling loved and valued;
  • receiving support from a network of reliable and affectionate relationships;
  • learning to look after themselves;
  • coping with everyday living;
  • having a sense of identity and a positive image of themselves;
  • developing their confidence and their interpersonal skills


We recognise that the safety and protection of pupils is the responsibility of all school personnel and volunteers.