Year 1 Maths Week

For Maths Week Year 1 have been enjoying a Maths trail around our school. We have been working in pairs counting different objects and recording our answers.


During maths week year 1 have been looking at 2D shapes. We enjoyed a whole class quiz where the children had to find a shape Mrs Howie was describing. We all enjoyed talking about what makes a shape special. A big well done to Team Icicle who won with 8 points!

Year 2 Maths Week

On Friday 13th October 2E completed a maths trail around the school. We had great fun measuring the playground in paces, counting railings, spotting shapes, working out how many trees would be in the playground if a strong wind blew down 4 of them, finding rectangles in the stained glass window outside year 1 and many more maths related activities. We worked in pairs and small groups and then discussed our findings back in the classroom.


On the afternoon of the 11th October, the Queen of Revolution challenged KS1 children to keep areas of her land tidy, such as the train station and market place. In order to do this children faced challenges such as shape sorting, leaf number bond finding, robot programming, weighing and measuring, counting small eggs at the farm in 2s, 5,s and 10s and aiming balls at number bins.

We had a fun afternoon and the Queen even magically sent us a certificate to congratulate us on a fantastic job.



Year 5 Maths Week

Year 6 Maths Week

Today, Friday 13th October, to complete our Maths week, Year 6 went on a maths trail around the school. In groups we answered a number of questions using our mathematical knowledge using addition, multiplication, division and estimating.

On 11/10/17 the children in Y5 and Y6 spent the morning in the hall on a maths activity cracking the code. The children worked in groups to stop the Robotron invading our school and ultimately Earth. The activities were situated at different places in the city. They only had 5 minutes to crack each puzzle. This included The Mansion Lab, Professor’s house, Train Station, Code Room, Farm, Old Market, Broken School and The Hospital. The puzzles included solving maths sentences, balancing weights, grid placement, shape placement, circuit making. The codes were inputted into the server and the button destroyed the Robotrons and saved the school and the World.

On 10/10/17 the children in Year 6 have continued their work with angles. We have looked at drawing perfect circles using a compass. We have learned new vocabulary of circumference, diameter and radius. The children have been able to label and measure these accurately. The class moved onto drawing triangles into their circles and labelling the 3 angles and then measuring them accurately with a protractor. They have all worked fantastically well. A very creative and hands on Maths lesson.