During w/c 18th September 2017, each class held a 'Meet the Teacher Welcome Meeting'. If you were not able to attend, we have attached the Powerpoint from the meeting. This gives you all the information you need to know about being in this class this year. We also sent home a Summary Information Sheet and these are attached too.

Year 3 Class Information Autumn Term 2017


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Clerihew Poems


Today, 27thth of September, the children in year 3 have been learning the numbers from 1-12 in French. We watched a video and then played games. The first game we were in groups of 6 we had our own number to say. We then had our own number, if your number was shouted you had to jump up and perform star jumps to the amount said in French. We then went outside and played hopscotch in which we had to count our numbers in French and miss the number called out. The children were ‘fantastique!’


This week, 21/09/2017, in maths, some of the children in Year 3 have been looking at the value of digits. They used dienes and arrow cards to help with their learning.


This term the children in Year 3 are learning to play the recorder. They seem to be very good at it so far. We are working towards being able to hold a concert for parents.

Topic Work

On Thursday afternoons, year 3 do some topic work. We have finished looking at light and we are now looking at electricity! Miss Hirst gave us some lightbulbs, buzzers, wires and batteries (or cells) and challenged us to turn on the light bulb. Once we had figured out how to turn on the light bulb, we added elements, such as a buzzer or another light bulb, to try and make more complicated circuits.


Last week, year 3 borrowed the Lego from year 1 and used it to build a Lego house. We then wrote some instructions on how other people could build our house. From this, we have some targets on how we can improve our instructions.  


This term the children in Year 3 are learning to play the recorder. They seem to be very good at it so far. We are working towards being able to hold a concert for parents.


In computing, year 3 have been creating our own animations! After planning them on a storyboard we have now created our backgrounds and characters. We are now moving on to coding our characters so they can move!


In science year 3 have been investigating how shadows are formed. We found that shadows are made when a solid object blocks the light. We then investigated the different patterns that we saw. We discovered that the further distance is between the light source and the solid object, the smaller the shadow is.


Today in English we have been looking at verbal performances. Each group were given a Clerihew and asked to learn it off by heart! We made a story map of pictures and letters to help us, but some of us didn’t need it in the end! We looked at how we used our voices to make our performance interesting. At the end of the lesson, we could still remember the poem that Miss Hirst taught us at the start of the lesson! I wonder if year 3 can still remember them …   


Tuesday 5th  December

Can I retell the message of Paul and make links to how I can live this out in my life?

Today the children read the letter from Paul to a Christian family in Rome which advised them how to live in preparation for the arrival of Jesus. We discussed this as a group and then came up with ways in which we could prepare in present day.

The children made their handprints and wrote on them the different ways in which they could show love to a neighbour this Advent. We then made them into a wreath to welcome in visitors into our classroom.


In Year 3 the children have been learning all about Romans in topic. We studied the timeline of the Romans and found out lots of information about them. The children designed their own helmets and shields then learnt some of the manoeuvres that the Romans would use in battle.