Reception Class Activities

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year in class. We learnt that 2017 is the year of the Rooster and we made and decorated roosters, we made Chinese fans and dragon masks and we used these for our Chinese dragon dancing during our P.E lesson. We ended the week by having a Chinese Banquet and all the children took home lucky red envelopes that contained chocolate coins. We had a great week and learnt so much about a different culture and how they celebrate this important time in their calendar.

Dinosaur Biscuits

As part of our dinosaur topic this term, the children made their own biscuits using butter, flour and sugar. They made dough and used different cutters to make dinosaur shapes. Once they were cooked and cooled, the children decorated them using different coloured icing and then at the end of the day, they ate them during story time.

Our Dinosaur Classroom

As part of our dinosaur topic, we transformed the classroom into a ‘Dinosaur Zone.’ We had a cave that the children explored and were able to draw their favourite dinosaurs on the wall, we made a dinosaur dig and the children became palaeontologist’s looks for fossils and other objects in the sand and we transformed our wet area in to a jungle. The children had great fun exploring and learning lots of exciting facts about dinosaurs. They had a roaring time!

Dinosaur Fun

We have had great fun learning about different dinosaurs. We found a dinosaur egg that hatched and a baby pterodactyl pecked its way out of it. We found so many fossils in our dinosaur dig and we even measured dinosaur footprints to find out how long they were. We dressed up as dinosaurs and had a great time and we also did lots of writing too. We made up names for our own dinosaurs. We have such a busy term.

Ready, Steady, Cook

Our new topic this term is ready, steady, cook!. To learn the names of lots of different vegetables, the children have the opportunity to make a ‘Mr Potato Head’ using a selection of different vegetables. We have had some wonderful potato people characters already. Well done reception class.