Year 3 Class Activities

Big Sing

The children had the opportunity to participate in the Big Sing! We went to Grimsby Minister and learnt how to stand, breathe and warm up our voices. We then had a fantastic time learning some new hymns. We even helped teach another school "Be still for the presence of the Lord" ! 

Diversity Week

As part of Diversity week, year three have been looking at scapegoats. This is when certain groups of people are negatively stereotyped and end up being blamed for all the bad things. We thought it was all very unfair! We then looked at how the media can twist things into either a good thing or a bad thing by having two sets of the same pictures, but giving one set a positive caption and the other one a negative caption. We think the media should always tell the truth, not miss out details in order to sell more newspapers.  


The children in Year 3, have been looking at fossils. We looked at the different kinds of fossils and how they are formed. We then went on our very own archaeological dig! The children used brushes to carefully uncover the fossils and then identified them, most children could verbally retell how these fossils were formed. By the end of the session we had found some trace fossils, mould fossils and replacement fossils! We had to be very careful with the trace fossils as we needed to chip away the rock to reveal the delicate fossil inside.


The children in Year 3 tasted a variety of foods that are traditionally eaten for breakfast in France such as : croissants, baguette with butter and jam and brioche. We then learnt how to say if we liked them in French, for example j'aime le croissant or je n'aime pas la brioche. 

Stone Age Boy

The children in Year 3 finished the Stone Age Boy, but were still undecided on whether the trip was real or just a dream! In order to help us decide we did a conscience alley, with one side persuading us it was real and the other trying to persuade us it was a dream. Both sides needed to use evidence from the text to support our arguments. We then had to record our opinions. 


Year 3 looked at the structure of soil. We then re-created this by making wormeries with real worms! We are excited to find out what happens to all the food scraps we put in!