Micro Habitats

We have been learning about micro habitats and the creatures we might find in them. We enjoyed searching for them in Jacks garden. We looked under rocks, in the flowers and long grass. We found some worms, ants, earwigs, spiders and bees! When we got back from our hunt we went back into the classroom to paint our favourite mini beasts.


As part of our maths lesson year 1 have been playing shape bingo. The children had to use their knowledge of 3D shapes to match shapes to a shape found in the environment. The children were all excited to shout “bingo” when they were the 1st to match up all their shapes correctly.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Year 1 began their new topic "How does your garden grow?" by planting sunflower seeds. They will be looking after their sunflowers all term and measuring them weekly to see whose sunflower grows the tallest. As part of the topic the children have enjoyed participating in role play exploring the garden centre. They have been using their knowledge of money to find the correct coinage to buy their shopping. 

A Journey in Love

Year 1 have been talking about being part of a family and how we meet Gods love in our family. We have been sharing our baby photographs, finding out how much we weighed when we were born and when we first walked and talked. We have been comparing how we have changed from when we were babies to who we are today.