In French year 3 have been practising numbers to 20, the days of the week and recalling the weather.


In art we are making our own model rainforest.  We have painted a box green and are now making leaves and beautiful flowers to stick to the inside. Watch this space for the finished article!

Investigating Forces

In topic this term year 3 have been investigating forces. Today we had a carousel of activities, with a variety of magnets to help us understand that magnets have two poles and how they interact. We now know that opposite poles attract, and identical poles repel. 

Ukulele Celebration

On 13th June year 3 went to the ukulele celebration at Central Hall. They were fantastic, they strummed until their fingers were sore and voices were tired. It was fun to play along with other schools to the songs everyone knew and to also show off with their show piece, Octopus’ Garden by the Beatles. They rocked!