The children in Year 4 enjoyed their ice pop reward from sports day and spent some of the afternoon using code as part of computing. Their task was to ensure the Angry Bird moves through the maze avoiding obstacles by giving the correct code instructions.


Our English lesson looked at a WAGGOL of a non-chronological report of a fictitious rainforest creature the flying tree frog. Miss Snell engaged the class through actions and sounds as they read the text. The children then worked in pairs on another fictitious creature the water back parrot. The children were able to retain from the song and action that a great WAGGOL has four parts: an introduction and description, habitat, food and drink and interesting facts. They were able to group information into the correct headings and we had three winning pairs. Well done!


The children in year 4 have been working in groups and have started to create their model rainforests in 3D. The children will be creating different layers of the rainforest and incorporate the life that is found there. What great fun!


In Science Year 4 have been investigating whether all metals are attracted to magnets. We made a prediction then used a magnet to test this out.


The children in year 4 have been working hard in English. We are currently reading the Iron Man. Some of the children took to the hot seat and selected a character from the book in which they answered questions posed to them by the rest of the class. Characters included, Hogarth, the Iron Man, The farmer and the young girl. Children then worked in groups creating freeze frames and thought tapping drama activities from the book. It was a lot of fun!