Superhero Topic

Year 1 and 2 had an exciting end to their superhero topic this week. We all took part in an art workshop where we used lots of recyclable materials to create our own superhero. They look amazing!

Neil Armstrong

As part of our super heroes topic year 1 have been finding out about Neil Armstrong. The children have been reading lots of fun facts about his life. They had to choose their favourite fun facts to complete a piece of writing.


In maths year 1 has been learning about time. We have been talking about how long it takes us to complete tasks throughout the day. We had lots of fun learning how to use a stop watch. We worked in pairs and participated in a range of activities and our partner had to time how long it took for us to complete each task. We then recorded and compared our timings as a class.


Today in English Year 1 have been busy thinking of adjectives to describe the beach. We worked in pairs to make a word bank of adjectives. We had to use our phonics to spell out our words. This will help us to write exciting sentences later on this week.