Today the children in Year 5 took part in a speaking and listening lesson in order to learn how to summarise chapters of the story ‘Friend or Foe’. The children were given chapter 4, 5 or 6 and asked to read through it in their partners and to come up with 6 main points from their reading. Once they had done this all of the children who had the same chapters came to the front to the class to share their summaries while the rest of us sat back, listened and compared their answers together. By the end of the lesson all of the jigsaw pieces had been put together and we all had a sound knowledge of what the chapters were about.

Story Maps


For the last couple of days, the children in year 5 have been creating and practising story maps about Friend or Foe. The children all worked in groups to learn their chapters off by heart using pictures, symbols, actions and key words, they had a great time doing it and now know the story from start to finish!


Drug Awareness


Today the Y5 children had a visit from James who is an ex-police officer from Family Hub. The lesson was an informative lesson about Drugs. The children discussed what they already knew about the word drugs and found out that drugs are not just illegal substances but medicines, tea and coffee are too! We learnt about the effect of drugs on the body and what to do if we need medicine. The children then had to take part in an activity where they had to draw and label a person who they think could offer them drugs in the street and then explain why they thought that too. When they revealed what they thought most children agreed that a person to offer them drugs would probably be: someone quite scary looking, wear dark colours and be young. However, after the discussion they soon began to realised that anyone could offer us drugs, there is no specification.

WW2 Workshop


On Friday, the children in Y5 and 6 had a visit from Liz Denton to conduct a WW2 workshop. In the workshop the children were able to handle real life and replica artefacts from WW2 from: items from the home, clothing, toys and even a chamber pot! The children investigated the items using their senses and guessing what they thought the items were used for using their knowledge of WW2 already. Children had a great time exploring life back in WW2.


Renga Poems


Today the children in year 5 have started looking at Renga Poems. These poems are also known as ‘linked’ poems because they are usually written by 2 or more poets. The first stanza contains 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables, while the next stanza contains 2 lines of 7 syllables each and then repeats. The children started the lesson by thinking of descriptive language and phrases (similes, personification etc) about the 4 different seasons. They then paired up and created some fabulous Renga poems making sure they had the correct amount of syllables in them using their fingers or clapping.



In our most recent English topic we will be focussing on a new story called ‘The Lost Thing’. The children spent this morning exploring the story, summarising it with their groups and creating  a story map using the language from the text.

Special Visitor - Diversity

21/03/18 -

Today the children in year 5 have had a special visitor (Steve, an ex-police officer) come into class to talk to them about what diversity is. He started off the session with the children looking at the similarities and differences between themselves. The children found it much easier to see the differences than the similarities. They then moved onto the terminology of the words: prejudice, discrimination and racism and linked this very well to J K Rowling's Harry Potter when he linked the muggles and the pure bloods in. After this, he moved onto reasons why people might experience discrimination or prejudice and these are what they came up with: their disability, race, religion, sexuality and age. The children then moved onto looking at what a hate crime was and how people could be punished for this. A hate crime is when someone is hurt, bullied, vandalism, online hate or criminal damage done against them because of their race, culture or religion. The children found out that if they were ever part of this crime that the following could happen to them: Police informing parents, Arrested Interviewed with a caution, they could be sent to a  youth court and if they are found guilty they could be given a criminal conviction and sent to a young person's prison. After all of this, we discussed how it would feel if we were treat like that and what we should do if we know if someone being treated unfairly because they are different.


C - check on somebody. Stand up for them.

A- accept them for who they are.

R - respect others

E- encourage them to tell an adult.

Maths 10/03/2018

During Maths, year 5 have begun their topic on estimating and measuring capacity. The children started the lesson off discussing the language of estimating and capacity and then moved onto a round robin or bronze, silver and gold activities. Group one worked with Miss Littlewood to estimate and measure the capacity of containers, working out the difference between their estimation and the real measurement. Group two worked on reading the scales of capacity and worded problems based around this. Then, group three solved problems involving converting mls and litres. After a certain amount of time they all swapped around.