In music Year 6 have been working with a number of musical instruments: Tambourim,  surdo,  timba, gaza and agogo bells. Over the next few weeks will be using these, alternating our instruments so as we can all have the experience of using different instruments.

WW2 Workshop


On Friday, the children in Y5 and 6 had a visit from Liz Denton to conduct a WW2 workshop. In the workshop the children were able to handle real life and replica artefacts from WW2 from: items from the home, clothing, toys and even a chamber pot! The children investigated the items using their senses and guessing what they thought the items were used for using their knowledge of WW2 already. Children had a great time exploring life back in WW2.


WW11 Base

Over the last week our Y6 classroom has transformed into a WWII base. The children have really taken on the tasks of researching the Allies and Axis nations; learning about why the war started; creating fact files on the main countries and leaders involved and producing a time line of the major incidents during 1939-1945. The class has newspaper articles, photographs and posters from the actual time, along with 3d planes and bombs and information timeline and fact sheets.


Today on the 15/01/18, the children in year 6 have moved onto ratio in Maths. The children have been tackling worded problems about ratio. The children have been using the bar method to visualise the question then following a method of using adding, subtraction, division and multiplication depending on what the question has been asking us can work out the ratio; Some fantastic Maths with some challenges to help us reach the target of Mastery for ratio.


Today 12/03/18, the children in year 6 have been practicing two songs: Hip Hop and The Bear. The instruments that they are playing on include drums, tamborims, shakers and agogo bells. They have displayed excellent rhythm, timing and tempo. They work brilliantly with their fellow instruments to stay in sync and blend with the other groups to provide perfect synchronization.