Science Week - Forensic Trail


Today the Year 5 children took part in their science forensic trail and had a blast! The children had to find the culprit who had stolen the house cup and in order to do that they had to take part in lots of fun scientific enquires around school. The first clue was found in the small dining hall. The children had one minute to put all of the correct names next to the teeth. After that, the children went to the nurture room to sort the different sources of light into: man-made, natural and not sources of light. The clues then took the children to the chapel where they had to order the planets from the sun. In the talking classroom the children had to put the skeleton together in only 30 seconds! It took some groups a fair few tries to get that done. After that, they all headed to the old chapel where they had to complete a circuit with a bulb and buzzer and finally they went outside Y4 to find the last suspect to cross off by labelling the water cycle! What a great and exciting afternoon!

Blackout Blinds

Similarly to Year 6, the year 5 children planned and investigated the question ‘Which material would be best to make a black out blind for WW2?’ as a part of science week. The children had the choice between: green card, tin foil, black card, blue fabric and green dishcloth. They all made their own predictions and used torches to see what the transparency was of each material. In the end we came up with the conclusion that both tin foil and black card were opaque. However, black card would be the best material to use as it is thicker. When tin foils is damaged it creates small holes in it which lets light through.

Science Boffins

On Wednesday 24h January, Year 5 had the chance to work with Adie from the Science Boffins. The children were learning all about the states of matter: solids liquids and gases. They were amazed by Adie’s knowledge and loved learning about how solids can change into liquids and gases depending on temperature.