Mr Denovan 

On day three of healthy week year three had a session with Mr Denovan (please check spelling). He got us moving with some fun exercises, got us thinking about healthy eating and gave us some challenges to do at home against our parents!

Sports Workshop


On Wednesday 23rd May, Reception Class took part in a sports workshop as part of Healthy Week in school. They played different games to get their hearts beating faster and they learnt about different ways to keep active but also having fun.

Mr Denovan


Today the children of Saint Mary’s school had a very special visitor. This visitor was called Mr Denovan, a PE specialist from the local area. Mr Denovan came in to work with every class to teach them about why they should be healthy and active. To begin with Mr Denovan did a quick superman tig warm up to get their muscles warm and their hearts beating. After that, he sent them running around the room with their whiteboards and whiteboard pens to find all of the objects that were healthy and unhealthy. When they came back they had to remember everything they had seen and explain why. Then he sent them running around the room to read healthy information and make notes on their whiteboards. When they had found this information he set them a quiz based on the information. Finally, the children then were given bean bags to throw around their groups and given categories (healthy food and exercise) to come up with ways to stay fit and healthy. If they dropped the bean bag, repeated themselves or took too long then they had to do 3 star drops. Throughout these sessions they had mini bursts of a 2 minute challenge to get themselves on the wall of fame. All  in all, the kids had a fabulous time and learnt lots about staying active.