Bug's Ball

KS1 had a sparkly start to their new topic Tiny to terrifying last Friday and what a fun filled afternoon we had! All of the children were invited to come to school dressed as a mini beast. The afternoon started with a mini beast hunt around the school grounds followed by a bug’s ball.


In maths last week year 1 were completing repeated additions. Mrs Howie gave the whole class a worded scenario and asked the children to show the repeated addition using numicon, pictures or as a number sentence.


In English year 1 have been learning the text ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.  Our lesson focus today was all about character descriptions. Mrs Howie gave us a list of different words that we might use to describe a person’s character. We had to use our phonics to read the words and decide which words describe the character of Max.  Tomorrow we will use these words to write a character description.


Year 1 have been enjoying their Africa topic so much we decided we wanted to find out more. We have been collecting information about what we have already found out and then brainstorming what we would like to find out more about. We used laptops to research about animals, food and the weather. We are going to use this information to make a class information booklet about Africa.