The children in year 6 have returned to school with a bang! Today, on the first day of term (17/04/18), the children have been using the past and present perfect tense. The children had an activity of walking around the classroom to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. When the music stopped, they ‘had’ to ask and answer in the perfect form by using a derivative of the verb to have. E.g. Have you ever been to another country? Yes I have been to France.


Today, on the 23/04/18, the children in year 6 have been working hard with the preparation and revision for their upcoming SATs. This afternoon they were engaged in a group math activity. The children practised their skills and knowledge and applied these to solve the problems posed to them in,‘The Mystery of the Stolen Sword.’


Today, on the 23/04/18, the children in year 6 have moved onto their French topic again. The children have been looking at a French story, they have been using the pictures and words trying to connect French words with similar sounding English words. Some guesses successful e.g. curieux means curious and others not so but the connection was justifiable (travail meaning work but guessed as travel). The children moved onto writing their own French sentences using French adjectives.

Science Investigations

Today 22/05/18, Year 6 have had a morning of science investigations. The children have first had a silent debate where they travelled from table to table adding information and understanding of different properties. After this they completed a survey in detecting items with these properties around school in order to write a report on hard, rigid, strong, flexible, transparent, waterproof, conducting and insulating properties.  After this, they completed a quiz on the computers to test their knowledge on these material properties.

Science Topic - Dissolving

On 23/05/18 the children in year 6 have continued with their science topic. Today, the children looked at the question: Does the temperature of water affect the time it takes for a substance to dissolve? The children tested coffee, sugar, salt and hot chocolate at cold, tepid and hot temperatures. They ensured a fair investigation and found that temperature affects the time it takes a substance to dissolve- the higher the temperature the quicker the substance dissolved.

Art - Sewing

This term in Art year 6 have been learning how to sew. They have used back stitch, blanket stitch and cross stitch. They have drawn a design and used the different stitches and materials to enable them to make a phone case.

Science Investigation

Today on the 5th June, the children in year 6 participated in a round robin of science investigations. They looked at different methods to separate different materials. The children worked in groups of 6 and using knowledge from past experiments decided on the methods they would use and what equipment they would need. The children separated sand and sugar by using the method of filtration; paperclips were separated from shredded paper by using magnets; Rice and flour was separated using a sieve and finally sugar and water would be separated by the process of evaporation.

Theme Park Topic


Today the children in Year 6 have started their new project: Theme parks. In this project they will create their own theme park taking into consideration the area limit and the budget they have been given of £5 million. Over the next week or so, they will have to decide what attractions they would like to buy for their theme park trying to ensure that they are staying within their budget and ensuring that they have legally put in certain amenities.