Year 6 

Today 07/03/18, the children in year 6 have been celebrating World Book Day. There have been lots of amazing outfits and we are very proud of the creativity. The book the children have read today was called Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. The children had to work in groups to design a machine that the main character could use in the future; the class decided which group’s machine was the winner. The children loved this story and laughed so much; it was a great morning.

Year 3

On Wednesday 7th March we finally got to celebrate World Book Day! How fab do we look? In year 3 we listened to part of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which is Miss Hirst’s favourite Harry Potter book. We then designed our own Hogwart’s house and described the values of people who get sorted into it.

Year 2

For World Book Day, the children and teachers in year 2 had a fun day dressing up! We had a range of princesses, superheroes but we even had The Cat in the Hat with the very mischievous Thing 1 and Thing 2! The book year 2 chose to read was The Cat in the Hat by Doctor Seuss and the children took it in turns to read the story aloud to the rest of the class and teachers!

Year 4

Year 4 had a fantastic belated world book day yesterday. We focused on Matilda comparing how good and bad characters are portrayed and the language authors use to help us create an image. The children then wrote a book recommendation for Matilda of their favourite book to try and persuade Matilda to read their story.