This week in our space topic, as part of our maths, we have been looking at one more. Didn't we do well.

Writing Letters

These pictures are from this weeks work. Some children have been practising writing letters in space dust.

Others have been making porthole pictures.

Stay and Play

Today was our stay and play session in the foundation unit. Parents came and shared activities with the children. We had a really enjoyable time and the children enjoyed playing with their mums and dads and proudly showing them all of their wonderful work they have completed this half term during our space topic. Fun was had by all!

E Safety

06.02.18 The children learned about how to keep safe online. They learned Smartie Penguin’s rhyme “Before you tap and click, you need to stop and think and tell someone.”



Rock Pets

22.02.18 The children have been creating their own rock pets. They have painted and decorated them in their own style.

Egg Hunt

29.03.18 The afternoon children were eggsausted after having an egg hunt and doing the eggsercises that were written inside!

Ordering Numbers

Children in Nursery have been working on ordering numbers by popping bubbles.