In Reception class, the children have started a special course called ‘Balancability’. This is to support and improve children’s focus, balance, concentration and core strength. The bikes do not have peddles to ensure that children focus on balance and confidence.

Colourful Carnations

We have begun science week in class by working together to see if we can change the colour of white carnations. We are going to try and turn them green, blue, yellow and red. We will check every day to see if we can see any change in colour.

Fruit Rockets

As part of our space topic this week, we have made fruit rockets. The children looked at and talked about lots of different fruits and what they would put onto their rockets. This linked in well with maths in class this week, as some of the children made repeating patterns with their fruit too!

Science Colour Mixing

We have completed our second science experiment of the week. The children have been experimenting by making different colours. We squirted paint into bags with paper inside, sealed the bag and then pushed and squelched the paint around to make different colours. We had a great time!

Science Week

We had a great time during science week. Parents were invited in on Friday afternoon for some science fun. They made slime and mixed colours using ready mix paints and squirting them into zip bags and creating different colours


This half term, we have transformed the classroom into ‘Space.’ We have an amazing space station and all areas of provision are enhanced with space themed activities to ensure children are learning all about space throughout the day.

Stay and Play

Today was our stay and play session in the foundation unit. Parents came and shared activities with the children. We had a really enjoyable time and the children enjoyed playing with their mums and dads and proudly showing them all of their wonderful work they have completed this half term during our space topic. Fun was had by all!

The Great Pet Sale

This week we have started our new topic learning about different animals. We are looking at pets this week and our book of the week is ‘The Great Pet Sale’. This morning, the children sequenced the story using the pictures and then added the correct prices to each animal. They worked brilliantly with their partners and supported and praised one another. Fabulous work!

Jungle Animals


This week in class, we are looking at the story book, ‘Walking through the Jungle.’ The children are making lots of different jungle animals using cutting skills, collage, choosing different coloured paints and even weaving and threading. We are creating crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, elephants, tigers and lions.

Jungle Maths


This week in maths we have been weighing, measuring and sorting different jungle animals. We are having lots of fun completing practical maths challenges.



This week we are learning all about Farm Animals, in preparation for our trip to Pink Pig Farm on Friday. This afternoon, children made goat and sheep using different craft materials and 2D pigs using shapes which they were able to identify before drawing around them.