January 2018

In year 3, we have been looking at measuring length, but Miss Hirst took our rulers away! So we had to use our arms, hands and fingers to measure things in the classroom. When we got back together we found that we all had completely different answers because our bodies are all different. We now understand why we need standardised units of measurement. We then learnt how to measure using m, cm and mm. We found measuring up the classroom much easier! 


Science Week

As part of Science week the children in Year 3 became super sleuths to find out who had stolen the house cup. They had to complete different science challenges set up around the school to eliminate the suspects. All children managed to complete the challenges and find out who the thief was.


January 2018

In Year 3 the children have been learning all about Romans in topic. We studied the timeline of the Romans and found out lots of information about them. The children designed their own helmets and shields then learnt some of the manoeuvres that the Romans would use in battle.


As part of e-safety week, year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have Jenny from One Day Creative to come in and create a play with them all about staying safe on the internet. The children wrote some of the scenes themselves! The children did very well as they only had one day to learn the whole play! They then performed it to the rest of the school and some parents. Well done to all the children! We hope to see some of you in Broadway club next term.



3D Shapes


This week year 3 have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes. We can now describe a shape by its faces, edges, vertices and apex – some of us can even identify the shape from the properties alone! We have used our shape knowledge to predict which 3D shape the net makes, then creating the net itself to see if we were right. This was a lot trickier than expected! We now understand the importance of keeping our edges straight and in the correct alignment.



Year 3 have moved on from shape and are now looking at angles. We had lots of lines on our desks which crossed over and it was our job was to identify the angles! We had to figure out whether the angle was acute, obtuse or a right angle. We especially enjoyed writing on the tables!