Blackout Blinds

Today 22/01/17, the children in year 6 have linked their topic of WWII with their science task for Science week. The children had to use their imagination and pretend that we were in the time of the WWII. The Blitz had not begun but we know the Lufthansa were due. They received a video message from Mr Smith; he has asked the children to create blackout curtains. The children had to come up with an experiment to test different materials that would be best suited to meet Mr Smith’s task.

Science Workshop

Today 24/01/17 the children in year 6 have attended a science workshop with scientist Ade. The topic that the children looked at was electricity. They first looked at how our bodies can conduct electricity and form a circuit to generate a light buzzer. The children then discussed the different types of sources that can help generate electricity; solar, wind, oil, water, coal, nuclear. The children then discussed whether these were renewable or not. The children then participated in an experiment to make a water filter that can generate clean water from muddy gritty water.

Scientific Trail

Today 24/01/18, the children in year 6 have been on a trail by solving scientific clues to find out who the thief of the Saint Mary’s house cup. The class have been working in their groups and competing to see which group could solve the clues the fastest. The topics covered were teeth, human skeleton, natural/ man made and source/non source of light using Venn circles, solar system, the water cycle and electric circuit making. They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.