During w/c 18th September 2017, each class held a 'Meet the Teacher Welcome Meeting'. If you were not able to attend, we have attached the Powerpoint from the meeting. This gives you all the information you need to know about being in this class this year. We also sent home a Summary Information Sheet and these are attached too.

Year 5 Class Information Autumn Term 2017

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Today in computing, the year 5 children have started their new topic 'we are cryptographers'. In their first lesson the children discussed how people used to communicate with each other at great distance without the use of the internet. After that, they were shown the semaphore code and had to decipher a message using their reference sheets. Once they completed that, they then created their own messages which the class guessed.


English - Delivery from Space


Today, Year 5 had a very strange letter delivered to them from space! Mrs Britteon rushed down to year 5 to bring the letter that had come in a special delivery. When we opened letter we found it was from the Man on the Moon, an astronaut called Sam who is stuck in space. In order for us to write letters back to him the children spent their English lesson coming up with a  story map in order to learn his letter off by heart. Here are some pictures of them practising.


In English today the children read an extract from a book by Pie Corbett called ‘Alien Landing’. They then worked together in their groups to identify different features and techniques the author had used, such as interesting words, personification, adverbs and similes, highlight those features and explain why he had used them.


25/09/17 – Today Year 5 have been learning about plural possessive apostrophes. The children started off with playing a little board game to decide whether not the sentences were plural or possessive. Here are some pictures of them playing the games in action.


In Art Year 5 have been drawing pictures of the moon using chalks and pastels. They first looked at different pictures to see what the surface of the moon looked like. Then they had to draw pictures, adding structure and shade with chalks and pastels, to show the surface of the moon and how craters look on the moon.