Today the children in Year 5 took part in a speaking and listening lesson in order to learn how to summarise chapters of the story ‘Friend or Foe’. The children were given chapter 4, 5 or 6 and asked to read through it in their partners and to come up with 6 main points from their reading. Once they had done this all of the children who had the same chapters came to the front to the class to share their summaries while the rest of us sat back, listened and compared their answers together. By the end of the lesson all of the jigsaw pieces had been put together and we all had a sound knowledge of what the chapters were about.

Story Maps


For the last couple of days, the children in year 5 have been creating and practising story maps about Friend or Foe. The children all worked in groups to learn their chapters off by heart using pictures, symbols, actions and key words, they had a great time doing it and now know the story from start to finish!


Drug Awareness


Today the Y5 children had a visit from James who is an ex-police officer from Family Hub. The lesson was an informative lesson about Drugs. The children discussed what they already knew about the word drugs and found out that drugs are not just illegal substances but medicines, tea and coffee are too! We learnt about the effect of drugs on the body and what to do if we need medicine. The children then had to take part in an activity where they had to draw and label a person who they think could offer them drugs in the street and then explain why they thought that too. When they revealed what they thought most children agreed that a person to offer them drugs would probably be: someone quite scary looking, wear dark colours and be young. However, after the discussion they soon began to realised that anyone could offer us drugs, there is no specification.


WW2 Workshop


On Friday, the children in Y5 and 6 had a visit from Liz Denton to conduct a WW2 workshop. In the workshop the children were able to handle real life and replica artefacts from WW2 from: items from the home, clothing, toys and even a chamber pot! The children investigated the items using their senses and guessing what they thought the items were used for using their knowledge of WW2 already. Children had a great time exploring life back in WW2.