Crich 2017  

From 25th – 27th September 2017, Year 6 spent some time at The Briars, Crich. The Briars is a Catholic retreat which gives children and young people the opportunity to explore and deepen their faith and understanding of a Catholic life.

As soon we arrived, we had to make our beds and tidy our belongings away before settling down to a tea of burger and chips followed by chocolate sponge and custard - yum! We then had some free time to play on the field. In the evening, we worked in groups, discussing scriptures from the bible and thinking about what the scripture meant to us.

Last of all, we wrote our struggles and worries on a piece of wood and decorated it. We then went down to the fire pit where we burnt the wood, and with it, burnt our struggles and worries. We opened our hearts to God and asked him to take our struggles away with the ashes so that we were free of them. 

The next morning, we had to design a disciple, thinking about the qualities a disciple had. We then had to create a representation of the disciple and present it to the rest of the children. All the groups thought that a disciple would have to be kind, loyal and have a big heart.

That afternoon, we went on a hike across the beautiful Derbyshire countryside to appreciate all of God’s nature and wonder – and work up an appetite for tea! In the evening, we enjoyed and disco and tuck shop.

On our final morning, we started morning with morning prayer. We had to write some kind words on a heart and then swap the heart with someone else in the room and give each other a hug. Some of children then read from the bible and said prayers.

Our final activity before leaving was ‘affirmation’. This is where we all wrote kind words about each person and how they had contributed to the few days that we had together. It made us feel very proud to hear the lovely things that the other children had said about us, and made the perfect ending to a perfect few days away.