Head’s Welcome

Welcome from our Head Teacher

Dear Reader,

I thought in light of the present pandemic I needed to update my letter to you


I do hope you
are safe and well, what strange circumstances we find ourselves in!
Having been a headteacher since 2002, I never would have believed that schools would close
and life as we knew it would change so much. Fortunately, were able to keep open throughout
the time and help some of our families and children through the last 6 months.
We are now fully open but not able to work in the way we used to, but we are all learning to
adapt to the necessary changes. The children are paramount to all we do at St Mary’s and
keeping them safe is number one on our list.
During the enforced part closure and the summer holidays we have used the time to transform the interior of St Mary’s and give the staff the opportunity to spend time reflecting on our previous practcises and train for a more therapeutic
Gone are the bright primary colours, instead we have pale, muted colours. Gone are the busy walls, doors and windows. We have changed many of thedisplay boards to show affirmations.
We have done this work / training so we are better equipped to support out pupils during a difficult time, none of us know how long the present situation will last but we will be there for your children.

Here at St Mary’s the Gospel values are central to all we do and teach the children. Our mission statement, ‘We value all in the name of Jesus the Christ’, is lived out by us all, we do believe everyone is equal and must be treated as such. We want our children to know and understand this, we want to give them the skills to be able to regulate their own emotions and realise we all our special and we all just want thebest for one another and that we are all responsible for our own actions.

 We are so lucky to have St Mary as our patron saint, someone who was known for her
kindness and patience, someone who did as asked, rather than what she wanted. Qualities just
as valuable today as they were all those years ago.

We are now part of a multi- academy trust, known as CMAT (Catholic multi-academy trust)
based in Lincoln. This is named after St Thérèse of Lisieux another kind and gentle lady who
just wanted to help others. When you are able to come into school you will see many quotes
from St Thérèse around the building, but I just want to leave you with one of my favourites.
“If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.”
― St. Therese of Lisieux .

Which is why we are special and all different.

Do take care, stay safe and I look forward to showing you around, when it’s safe.
If you do need to come into school we are still having visitors, in a very controlled environment and you do need to ring and organise beforehand.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah K Pollard

Head Teacher.